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120-hours of Mom

Posted on 2017.01.16 at 12:42
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Mom has been bedridden for over three years with both the autoimmune hidradenitis suppurativa, and dementia, and she has been rapidly declining for a number of reasons since dad passed away nearly a month ago. First and foremost, he was feeding her pain medication above and beyond what the nursing home was supplying because (and I know this sounds completely asinine) even with dementia she had to request them. Which, as you may be able to imagine, someone with dementia doesn't actually do. So when he passed, she was on her own, and in increasingly greater amounts of pain.

Additionally, dad was shipping her off to surgery once a month to keep her with him - he had all the hospice and DNR paperwork filled out, but hadn't signed any of it, choosing, at the last minute each time, to rush her to surgery. After discussing everything with my brother, I signed those papers when he passed away, and we placed her on hospice Thursday evening.

It was a relief to finally see her pain-free.

Monday morning I discovered I had a voice mail from Shelly at the nursing home, who asked me to return her call. I did, but discovered she was in a meeting. "May I perhaps speak to another nurse?" I was told Shelly is the nursing home Administrator, and if she needed to speak to me, none of the nurses would know what it was about. Fine. I drove up there instead.

Imagine now my surprise when I found my mother absent. Additionally, there are two Shelly's (who apparently don't disambiguate themselves from one another and it was nurse Shelly as opposed to Administrator Shelly who'd called) and they'd shipped mom off to the ER on the authority of the hospice nurse who was now in charge of mom's care. I talked to mom's primary nurse (not nurse Shelly who was off-shift) who couldn't understand why a hospice nurse would take that action, and to get to the bottom of it was going to have a member of the hospice team contact me. When that finally happened, and I explained the situation, the hospice team member couldn't understand either, so wanted to contact mom's primary nurse, who I'd just spoken to, to see if she could figure out why her hospice nurse rushed mom to the emergency room once again.

The saga continues.

Hospice nurse said that mom's feeding tube was blocked with fecal matter, and they consider feeding tubes comfort care, which is why she was sent to have that corrected.



Posted on 2017.01.15 at 14:49
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./VBoxManage internalcommands sethduuid /path/to/virtualdisk.vdi


The Art of Flowdown

Posted on 2017.01.10 at 16:03
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When I built my new desktop, I parted out my previous desktop and turned it into a headless fileserver in the server room. My daughter got the video card and GF got the RAM. I don't need 16GB of RAM and fancy graphics in a headless fileserver. Pulled all the drives except the 7200rpm 1TB boot drive and put the 10k in my new desktop as Photoshop scratch space - figure it will do pretty well at that.



Posted on 2017.01.10 at 14:18
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I made the mistake of telling the kids I was getting them the exact same thing for their birthdays this year. Bad move on my part, because now I can't give one their gift without altering the other (their birthdays are four months apart). Admitting my mistake to them, we worked out a plan to give them their birthday presents at the same time, one child two months early, and the other child, two months late. The date will be April 1st. In addition, I promised them one (and only one) hint: "While the tangible, non-cash gifts are identical, you will each use them differently." I've promised them they will love the gift (I usually suck at gift-giving), but one thinks I'm overstating and the other remains cautiously optimistic.

laptop, mouse, keyboard


Posted on 2017.01.10 at 14:00
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Getting little buddy packed tight in anticipation I'll get the RMA from MadCatz. Poor little guy is only 18-months old (and has doubled in price since I bought him). Fortunately, I have three of these in a variety of styles, so hauled out my oldest one (a menacing, almost stealthy matte black - back when they were still branded, `Cyborg`) to run in its stead. I know you all are eager to hear of his adventures, so will keep you posted on his journey!

Dallas Pegasus

Justice of the Peace

Posted on 2017.01.05 at 15:52
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Received a copy of my father's Certificate of Death from the Dallas County funeral home to review before sending it to Austin for finalization. The date was incorrect, so I corrected it and resubmitted it to the Dallas County funeral home. They rejected my change because the Wise County Justice of the Peace gave the Dallas funeral home the date, and only the Justice of the Peace is authorized to rescind that date.

Curious, I called the local Wise County funeral home and asked them what day they took possession of my father - it was the day before the date on the Certificate of Death signed by the Wise County Justice of the Peace. Apparently the Wise County funeral home, using 1970s technology, sent a facsimile to the Wise County Justice of the Peace which arrived after midnight :O

I have since asked the Wise County funeral home to contact the Wise County Justice of the Peace to explain how all this works in hopes he will contact the Dallas County funeral home so we can finalize a corrected copy of my father's Certificate of Death.



Posted on 2016.12.28 at 20:25
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I lost my 2nd Xeon processor. I pulled it out of my server a couple of years back for reasons unknown, and now can't find it. Trying to update our DL360 Minecraft server and Biomes O'Plenty for our holiday games.


A Very Supernatural Christmas

Posted on 2016.12.23 at 20:22
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October 13, 1943 - December 19, 2016

We had, this past November, what most people probably consider a stereotypical Family Thanksgiving. We had the leaf in the table, the giant turkey, homemade pumpkin pies, fancy beer and wine, and a seven course meal. With my new lens, I finally got some fantastic portraits of Dad, and some excellent, excellent shots of Dad and the kids together. We went to the theater (something he enjoyed doing every time he came down) and watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on the big screen. He enjoyed watching Hello Dolly with his grandson in high-def late at night the next day, and he got to share one of his all time favorite movies with Dorian, Les Misérables, again in high-definition, with the subwoofer thunderously announcing each musical number. God we had fun.

And we talked, often. Every other day or so since I got back stateside from overseas deployment. We never left anything unsaid, nor took offense at one another, and could share our sometimes very different opinions with one another openly and without repercussion. We never harbored hidden agendas or attempted to gain the advantage over each other, rather sought to fully understand the other's perspective. Often we would call one another just to ask the actor we'd forgotten in a movie, or an ingredient in an upcoming recipe we wanted to make. And my son shares the same love for filmscore my father passed on to me.

I miss the shit out of him already, but am relieved beyond words that I have no regrets, no guilt, and had no missed opportunities to tell him how much I loved him and how much I appreciated him. Everything that is happening now is exactly the kind of thing I would be sharing with him, were I able. He passed away quickly and quietly in his easy chair Monday night.

Dorian and I will be spending Christmas in a hotel in Decatur, TX, just like Sam and Dean Winchester.


Windows 10

Posted on 2016.12.16 at 16:36
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When Windows 95 was first released, IIRC it came on 30 floppy disks. It was later released on a shiny new, "CD-ROM" where it remained for a very long time. Having shied away from optical media this past decade, I ordered my first standalone Windows install media since Windows ME came out in 1999 on USB. Here, for comparison, I happen to have, thirty floppy disks.


More Koken

Posted on 2016.12.14 at 17:13
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Back on ChunkHost using a second VPS I created awhile back to migrate from one I am (now) seriously overpaying for. $14/month was a fantastic VPS price when I started using it back in 08/09 but that same build is now something like $1.95/month and they're still charging me $14. ANYWAY, I'd built out a way beefier one for the same $14 but ran into Ubuntu upgrade issues after my snapshot restore. Like, six times, so built a new one to just migrate everything to six months ago or so and still haven't done that. So I'm using it in the interim for NEWTONKANSAS.US which is great news! Unfortunately a block-upgrade of Koken disallowed the deletion pictures from the online library (and the forums were NOT helpful). You know what was helpful? Koken support! I turned in a ticket and with the patience of a saint, he got it working.

There were several packages I had to install/upgrade, none of them under the default repository. Which I had to jump through hoops even to add the software which adds the repositories:

apt-file search add-apt-repository
apt-get install software-properties-common
add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/php

I then took the opportunity to uninstall php7.0 before installing php7.1:

apt-get install php7.1-readline php7.1-opcache php7.1-json php7.1-mcrypt php7.1-mysql php7.1-fpm php7.1-cli php7.1-common libapache2-mod-php7.1 php7.1-curl

Then lastly, UTF-8

apt-get install php-patchwork-utf8
spt-get install php7.1-xml
a2enconf php7.1-fpm
a2enmod proxy_fcgi setenvif
service apache2 restart

And before everything would work, I vi'd apache2.conf and added/edited:

AddDefaultCharset UTF-8 to the # Global configuration, and
default_charset = "utf8" to php.ini.

Koken now has its own tag :/

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The Dreaded Upgrade

Posted on 2016.12.10 at 13:29
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Its been happening from time to time - the random, "freezes" and the occasional CPU/MEMORY/DISK spikes. The DISK ones are the worst. And here lately - probably related to those spikes, well...my games haven't been nearly as responsive. Lower frame rates, intermittent hangs. It was time, though I really haven't been looking forward to this day. Upgrades are rarely as joyous as they sound; they are overwhelming upheavals of your entire way of life. Unfortunately, entropy affects us all.

And I hate this part, the deciding upon. I've pretty much compared everything for six hours straight, and here's my second configuration, which puts me close to $400 over my artificial budget (most places will sell you a mid-range gaming rig for just over $1000, this will be significantly better than those):

8-Core 4.0GHz AMD FX-8370 w/Wraith Cooler
32GB DDR3-2133MHz RAM
MSI 990FXA Gaming Mobo
MSI GTX-1060 Graphics
Fully Modular EVGA SuperNOVA GOLD 750W Power Supply
Sound Blaster Z PCIe Gaming Sound Card
4TB 7200 RPM/128MB Cache WD Gold Datacenter HDD
Cooler Master Storm Stryker Full-Tower Case

I really wanted a smaller form factor case, but I have too many drives to stuff into that fucker. and this one operates almost like a test-bench which is nice for all the impromptu configuration when you have to stuff your mitts in the internals. Surprisingly, perhaps, my circa-2004 36GB 10k Raptor is still running (fantastic for VM guests) and I plan to have not only a hot-swap SSD boot drive, but also a tertiary SSD drive, as well as a separate volume just to host my iTunes music (mostly for ease of backup/recovery purpose). The impressive stats of that enterprise-level 4TB harddrive should perform flawlessly for photo storage/manipulation & gaming, and while everyone in my household would love the GTX1080, dropping $300 instead of $600 for a graphics card seems prudent, especailly knowing PhotoShop & PowerDirector both can still benefit from ancillary usage of its GPU.

So that's where we are. If I get it before the end of the year, I think I should be able to write-off the upgrade to EHOWTON PHOTOGRAPHY.


Newton, KS Snowfall 2016

Posted on 2016.12.07 at 19:17
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Steve Martin

Commissioned Work

Posted on 2016.12.05 at 18:04
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1:00 1:09

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Eric B&W

December 1st, 2016

Posted on 2016.12.01 at 23:59
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Eric Howton Self Portrait December 1, 2016

Jesus, Bible

The Story of the Birth of Christ As Told Through Scripture...and Minions

Posted on 2016.12.01 at 00:00
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Camera Front

Tamron 16-300mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD MACRO

Posted on 2016.11.29 at 00:00
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When considering the Tamron 16-300mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD MACRO, I was also interested in how it performed as an impromptu portrait lens, because let's face it, if one is truly going to use it as their sole lens on an outing, it won't be limited to its wide-angle, telephoto, and macro functions, the only three examples I could find online. At least in photographs - I did find ONE video in which this was explored. In any case, for those of you looking for a portrait example of this multi-faceted lens, I give you my daughter, unretouched. This pic was not modified in any way in Photoshop/Lightroom. I opened it with Irfanview, and saved it as a jpeg. This is that jpeg, straight out of the camera:


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Sun Logo

Sexy Latinas

Posted on 2016.11.28 at 23:15
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Dreamed I was back in Germany. There I was, working in an underground bunker, and as it turned out, a handful of Latina women were trying to get with me. It was rather awkward for a number of reasons - one, they were competing against one another quite openly - some involving nudity and touching - in front of not only me, but those they considered competition, as well as their boyfriends, who were NOT taking it well - not that I blamed them! I was being actively pursued while trying to dodge the boyfriends who were of course blaming me, not them. I will admit I was tempted from time to time, but I had a two-fold problem in accepting the tender gestures of any one of them. First, they were all so lovely, I both didn't want to exclude any of them, and didn't want to harm my chances with the other girls by choosing the wrong one - I simply wanted them all. Secondly, I was most certainly already spoken for, and while I had NO IDEA where my GF was, I kept trying to find her, assuming she was in Germany with me. But this wasn't the weird part of my dream. No, the weird part was the old Sun hardware I was expected to work on once I escaped the Latinas. Hardware like the Sun SPARCStation-10 and the Enterprise 250. Funny enough, I dreamed the latter had externally accessible hot-swappable CPU modules. I think my old boss Jane was there in Germany too.


Churchman & Graves, LLC

Posted on 2016.11.27 at 16:37
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Dreamed Susan, Michelle and I opened a small kitsch retail store. It was fun. Lots of odd knick knacks and the like. I was left alone at one point, the others presumably at lunch, and was at a small table (which was acting as my desk) up against a large glass window trying to get a hold of my personal insurance company when a lovely lady peered in trying to get my attention. She was very pretty but my spidey-senses were tingling so I pretended not to see her. She put her knees together and bit her lip, looking up and down the street, still trying to get my attention. When that didn't work she groaned aloud that she needed to come in and use the bathrooms. I pretended the entire time to neither see, nor hear her, but when she went across the street to the gas station I got up to watch her go, surprise dto stopped to interact with an older lady on her way in. The cops showed up a bit later to question me - she was a con artist who'd hit quite a few stores that day, and they were out warning everyone as she was apparently a felon and considered quite dangerous! When they found out she'd already been here they wanted to know why I didn't let her in. I told them it was because she had eyes like Bella from Supernatural and you can't really ever trust that.

Then Michelle and Susan were back and we were so busy! I had four or five people in my line alone and some of the stuff they were bringing me wasn't marked - it was super frustrating. Not to mention I was using the calculator on my iPhone which probably wasn't the best idea for working retail - and trying to calculate tax and scribble it all down on a roll of receipt paper with a ball point pen. I was NOT prepared for this. The older Asian lady then gave me me a handful of oversized $50's and $20's for her bill which had only come to $7.70. I was telling her that her bill wasn't that much but another lady in line told me it was her way of helping us get started. That was sweet. As I finished my line I went to see Susan down the hall at her checkout. She still had some people in her line. Susan was sitting behind a huge counter/desk and not a little table like mine. She had an impressive desktop gaming rig for her computer instead of a little laptop like I had on my table, and a couple of 10-key machines with a tax-button built right in which printed the receipts automatically right from the little rolls instead of handwriting them out - she was absolutely brilliant. I rang one lady up while I was there, to help her out before remembering left the cash bag in the hall! I went back through the thinning line, grabbed the back, turned off all the lights behind grabbed it, and mused how working a 12-hours day at your own job was awesome!

As I came back into my office, I found two fully grown, rambunctious kangaroos running up and down the office.

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Thanksgiving 2016

Posted on 2016.11.25 at 13:12
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My brother was released on bail mere days before the holiday giving him the opportunity to join us for Thanksgiving. Dad drove up from Texas on Wednesday, and Thursday, my GF and I joined forces with him rolling out a 6-course meal with an assortment of pies and cake in just under seven hours - right when my oldest began acting uncharacteristically, "hangry." I can't remember the last time I ate so much. Probably last Thanksgiving.


Little Red Riding Hood

Posted on 2016.11.16 at 19:08
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