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Posted on 2015.05.20 at 14:00
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I imagine there are numerous reasons people on player-versus-player (PVP) game servers battle one another, both surreptitiously and through subterfuge, and overtly with apparent declarations - the variety of which also accounts for my own presence there, despite never being the aggressor. I employ a pay-it-forward outlook, assisting and helping others where I can, never interfering with another's quest. There are those who believe however, that presence alone on a PVP server is a license to asshole. So be it.

These types generally generate a pervasive noise on chat, ceaselessly extolling their own virtues, all the while bullying other players. I never interact with their drama unless I myself am killed, and even then, I do so silently.

The odd thing about these individuals is their uncanny ignorance of game-mechanics; the same game they're currently playing. My low-level character is rarely the only character on the server. There's nothing quite like signing off after I've been killed, logging back in as my level 60 reaper, hunting them down, killing them in the midst of their show-off, then logging in again as my lowbie continuing to play as if uninterrupted. Watching their varied and punctuated reactions is always amusing. As is ignoring their verbose taunts and immature name calling.

I love being an adult.

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Working For Senator Ted Cruz

Posted on 2015.05.18 at 09:00
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Dreamed I moved to DC and joined the congressional custodial/wait-staff where I dressed in my best suit, traversed the city (which was more like driving through Philadelphia than DC), and ceaselessly walked the halls where endless meetings were taking place. My job was to slip in unnoticed, pick up the trash, and make sure everything was tidy.

There was a tiered structure of employment, and as the new guy, I was at the bottom. It was never the same thing twice, each conference room had its own set of idiosyncrasies and occasionally the congressmen would request something directly from me - Ted Cruz liked Wendy's hamburgers for example. I ended up picking up after him the rest of the day, and by the end of the day, joined his staff directly. Despite his crazy politics, he and his wife were really decent people. I had just picked up the trash in his office (and it was one of the messier one's I'd cleaned that day, explained I would have it tidied up slowly over the next couple of weeks) and was carrying it out to the parking garage dumpster walking behind Senator Cruz and his wife when I realized I only had the one suit, and had left my dress shoes in his office. I was walking down the cold hallway in my stocking feet.



Posted on 2015.05.17 at 00:00
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I have grown so very accustomed to having backlit keyboards and laptops, I struggle when I disconnect my work laptop from its perfectly crafted workspace and attempt to work in otherwise darkened places. But no longer! New work laptop is backlit :)

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Airsoft, Pt. II

Posted on 2015.05.16 at 00:00
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Having been quite adamant with gun safety before he was even ever allowed to pull the trigger on an airsoft, the following several years have been a beacon of sufficient safety protocols. When my son and his friends engage in an all-out airsoft war, all of them always wear protective gear, all of the time.

Except tonight for some reason.

And sure enough, (as he was reaching for his goggles he says), he got shot in the eye (the same eye which necessitated another visit to the ER) at 2100 hours on Friday.

The cornea is visibly damaged from what I can tell, the pupil only slightly dilated, very few blood vessels broken and slightly cloudy. I decided to not take him to the emergency room. I gave him an acetaminophen and told him I would check on him in the morning. When he asked why I was planning to take him to the doctor's office Monday morning (where he was concerned he was going to miss one of his last two days of school) it was the only time I raised my voice. "BECAUSE YOU NEVER INJURE YOURSELF MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY BETWEEN THE HOURS OF EIGHT AND FIVE!" And explained more quietly it was the difference between $20 and $2000 <-- how much we paid the last time I took him to the emergency room.


So I woke him up at midnight to give him an ibuprofen and look at his eye. It looked a lot better than it did four hours ago. No more dilation, and far less cloudy.


Immediate Care in Wichita wouldn't see him - wanted me to take him to the ER, which I did when we arrived back in Newton. They concluded corneal abrasion where we left with some ointment and a script for painkillers.

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Cow Clicker

Posted on 2015.05.15 at 09:00
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I miss playing Cow Clicker. Well, I miss the fun and excitement of telling someone new what the game represents and how you progress. You see, it mocked Facebook games. The word, "game" itself was hotly debated as it applied to Facebook as the only skill required was the mastery of waiting. Waiting until enough time had passed you could click again. This applied to a whole host of Facebook games at the time, but Cow Clicker was the first to pointedly accentuate what was transpiring by distilling the game down into a series of timed clicks, one per 12-hours if I recall correctly, to advance.

But much like the short-lived, addictive Flappy Birds, the creator had his invention removed. I sometimes struggle with this. Yes, even in this day and age of the greedy bastards behind the crippling Digital Millennium Copyright Act and an ever-changing Intellectual Property End User License. Its not that I don't want these people to not own their creation, I'm just not sure where I fall on how they get to control it.

While that may sound callous, like some evil Board of Directors taking a brilliant idea away from a hard-working entrepreneur and suddenly owning and controlling (and more often than not exploiting) its future, I liken it instead to music, or books. Troubled artists perhaps who have written the Great American novel, or released an album which has changed the way we feel; then gone crazy, or recanted, or turned to Islam, or any number of ill thought out schemes in which they announce, "I wish I'd never done that." We can shake our heads and wonder what would lead someone with such insight into our soul to make those statements, but we are thinking that while we're reading their book, or listening to their music. Our lives have been touched in ways not easy to express - in ways only a good story or a good song can touch us no matter what the crazy motherfucker who wrote it thinks.

But not so with Cow Clicker. And not so with Flappy Birds.

What's the difference?

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Posted on 2015.05.14 at 18:15
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I assume the majority of well-adjusted, self-actualized adults do not participate in global chat on MMORPGS. At least I hope they don't. Because it's a veritable tsunami of noncritical-thinking logical fallacies all day, every day, day in and day out. A sort of entitlement fueled by the Dunning–Kruger effect. I often want to suggest to these people that perhaps how they are choosing to play the game is indeed a choice, and that other's may choose to play differently. Invariably the reply would be, "noob" or "gay" because cognitive ability doesn't appear paramount. I am thankful for my own teenagers who are comparative geniuses based on their social troubleshooting skills alone.

Then again, being reminded all day, every day, day in and day out of The Oatmeal's, What it's like to play online games as a grown up is pretty awesome. I usually just giggle to myself, then get drunk on microbrews and have freaky weird sex that's illegal in seven states.


The Shire

Posted on 2015.05.13 at 00:00
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Corporate Chat

Posted on 2015.05.12 at 11:00
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We use a corporate chat client. I can usually juggle several simultaneous tasks this way - until someone wants to call me. Phone calls not only monopolize my focus, I'm often less prepared to answer random questions this way as chat allows me the time to log in to the box in question and see what they're seeing. Its easier to answer vague questions like, "Why isn't this working for me?" when I can see what they're trying to do rather than guess.

So often I'll get a chat ping, "Can I call you?" To which I invariably reply, "No." Sometimes they ask me, "Why not?" To which I'll reply, "Why?" They usually cite something too complex to explain without verbalizing it (in which case they just want to vomit words at me - which does not in anyway, do anything remotely helpful), or its "too much" to type - in which case I suggest they may be in the wrong career field by reminding them what it is we do for a living.

Today, however, I got a chat which requested a call citing the former reason. As he talked, I answered every question on chat.


TERA: Fate of Arun

Posted on 2015.05.12 at 10:30
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Having not played TERA for 5 months, I'd forgotten the hopelessness of scheduled maintenance Tuesday. If I have to get up at 0200 to do production maintenance, why can't they?

Wait...maybe I need to go work for Bluehole Studio?

Tired, Sleepy

Production Maintenance

Posted on 2015.05.11 at 10:10
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An impromptu out-of-town trip over Production Maintenance weekend resulted in a make-shift office space and a bowel-crushing 20-hour day which consisted of sustainable durations of joy, tears, exhaustion and crazy-time. In-between these highly fluid variations however, a good time was had by all. Well, at least from my perspective.

And playing my new TERA gunner infrequently :D


TERA: Gunner Class, Pt. II: Castanic

Posted on 2015.05.08 at 13:51
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TERA: Gunner Class, Pt. I: High Elf

Posted on 2015.05.07 at 12:15
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Data Center

Head Like A Hole

Posted on 2015.05.01 at 17:00
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Each of the children have a desktop, two laptops, and an iPhone. I have two desktops, two laptops, an iPhone, and a Droid. I also have four running servers here at the house, two PlayStation 3's a Sony connected multimedia Blu-Ray player, Chromecast, the garage Powermac, and any number of virtual machines, all connected through the same router.

We are running collectively, in no particular order:

Windows 7
Windows 8.1
openSUSE 12.3
openSUSE 13.2

Yet my daughter's 8.1 laptop can ping external domain names (both internet and DNS is working) and Windows Update works, but applications cannot reach their update servers and none of the browsers can reach anything even if given an internal IP address! Can you imagine the expression on my face when the Windows Network Troubleshooter told me it couldn't identify the problem in connecting to a private IP? And I do use that term loosely. Windows Network Troubleshooter, since its inception, has been unable to solve any of my networking dilemmas, ever. I have no idea why they continue to roll it out with every version of windows. Possibly to alert some furrowed-brow Facebook-poster that the reason they are disallowed from accessing the internet is because their laptop is powered off or something to that effect. Her laptop can ping, but can't connect to the gateway IP address in a browser (or a private webserver running on an alternate port).

What hasn't helped is any combination of netsh, Set-NetIPInterface, using built-in wi-fi, wired ethernet and even a USB wireless interface (though I assume the only people suggesting that have no knowledge of networking), turning off the firewall, disabling anti-virus (really?), running anti-malware and trojan killers (which I really was hoping was the culprit), deleting and recreating the devices, updating the drivers, rebooting the router (I know, I know), and sfc /scannow (although I credit sfc /scannow with the ability to finally install malwwarebytes which previously failed with Could not call proc) or even hardcoding the interfaces with static values.

Despite this rampant asininity, I learned how to create an Administrator account on Windows 8.1 (not that it afforded the authority to take ownership of system files - or let me delete files already owned by administrator) and how to boot into safe mode (shift-restart) <- because F8 would have been too simple. Although Win8.1 disallows IE from being launched as Administrator - which is fantastically hysterical. And by fantastically hysterical of course I mean astonishingly frightening. I can think of a handful of reasons for this, none of which are complementary.

This command will place an Administrator account on your Win8.1 box

Afterwhich you should be able to force ownership and deletion (although I ran this in recovery mode cli):

takeown /F C:\{troublesome_folder}\* /R /A

rmdir /S /Q C:\{troublesome_folder}\

But I was surprised to discover that launching regedit in a recovery console doesn't give you the system's registry, rather what looks like the recovery console's registry? Which wouldn't be a big deal except the registry editor disallows certain keys to be deleted by the Administrator when logged in as Administrator. But of course it does. So I decided to see if I could telnet to the web port on my internal server, and that's when I discovered telnet was no longer installed on Windows. No idea when that happened, but a quick double-click of putty and a new error helped me troubleshoot - Unable to initialise WinSock <-- Yes, with the British spelling.

Deleting the following keys from the registry, then rebooting...

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControl­Set\Services\Winsock2 me to a new error to troubleshoot, Socket type not supported (once again using putty), but also disabled DNS. To re-enable, I had to find, then download winsock.inf (because I couldn't find it anywhere on the computer). This is here for my future enjoyment of Win8:


Another reboot (for the winsock) but still no browser access - and windows network troubleshooter can now tell me my ethernet connection has no configuration, but it can't tell me WHY - even when the IP, netmask, gw, and DNS are all hardcoded...and now I have a "limited" connection on both wi-fi and cabled ethernet because with the reset, her laptop thought she was on a public network. The "why" of this is my fault, coupled with the nonsensical judgments of Microsoft. The reason her network connection is considered "public" is because I opted to not share folders and printers, and the ONLY REASON anyone would EVER CHOOSE to NOT SHARE is if they were on a public network, right? Which is why I found it so difficult to revert back to private - it makes no goddamn sense. But figuring this one out was as easy as Google, whereas applying the change was far less transparent. The obtuse calisthenics one needs to go through in order to change from "Public" to "Private" is a veritable cathedral of dumb, requiring modifying the Local Security Policy, which is apparently unavailable on certain "editions" of Windows 8.1 in what I assume is a hidden nomenclature of appended Home/Premium/Ultimate/Professional/Enterprise, and obviously not one which comes preloaded on a $300 Asus notebook for a 10-year old girl. Because she would never need to modify her Local Security Policy, right? It just works? So, back to the registry! Only...the registry already had the correct value (1) for a Private connection in the DWORD - oh noes - endless rabbithole is endless!

In conclusion, I'm considering a "refresh" which is less horrific than a "reinstall" but utterly mired in layers upon layers of asininity, most of which I already assume will introduce far more problems than are corrected.

I will understand if my daughter hates me. I hate me right now too.


[SOLVED] <-- If You're an Idiot

Posted on 2015.04.28 at 16:00
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For example:

[SOLVED] Windows 8.1 Change PC Settings Not working [SOLVED]

"My USB mouse had come uplugged! I couldn't click anything - works now!"

Really? Awkwardly, the fix was just as nonsensical:
powershell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRoot\ImmersiveControlPanel\AppxManifest.xml

Why would anyone ever have to do that? Don't answer that.

Additionally, I can ping external addresses from the commandline and Windows Update connects and works, but antivirus/anti-malware programs can't reach the internet for updates, and chrome returns:


And since we're discussing Win8[.1], how about launching Google Chrome and Windows asking you, "How do you want to open this type of link (http)" and giving you the sole option of, "Continue using IE?" Who comes up with this crap? What I thought would be an easy fix was going into Default Programs and associating *.html with Chrome. Guess what? ITS NOT AN OPTION. I guess Microsoft finally showed them who's boss! Even when I drill down and set it manually, it doesn't return an error, but continues using Internet Explorer no matter what I set it to.

Now that's how to get market share!

God I hate Windows.

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Cylinder size is 16065 (512 byte) blocks

Posted on 2015.04.27 at 13:00
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Old Sun boxes. Jesus. I dreamed I was working the same job I had 15-years ago - manually carving out disk space cylinder by cylinder and monitoring old Sun servers. I ended up working for an old boss (who, while outside of being a sub-standard supervisor also managed to not really know what I do for living the two years he managed me...) which further frustrated the job I was doing. Additionally my kids were there on and off, as was my INTx gf. That said, I had a lot of autonomy and started building out a new space among my suddenly numerous peers in a massive sea of desks in an Air Force SCIF. Somehow I was either back in the military or working in an old building in a private office, with both my current co-workers, and my comrades from my old career.

It was a mess.



Posted on 2015.04.26 at 00:00
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Nearly every weekend a request is put in for milkshakes, and nearly every weekend that request is fulfilled. Its no wonder I don't lose weight faster.

The Ninja blender is uniquely suited for allowing us to add very nearly anything as a ingredient in order to be pureed and smoothly blended into the mixture. I've also discovered the tasty option of using instant pudding as thickener (Jell-O brand, "cheesecake" is a hit) which really creates some unique options.

Sadly, I seem to be the only one who likes the malt.

No two batches are ever the same, and now that I've learned how much to make, I can tailor each 20-ounce glass to its requester, rather than make a veritable vat of sweet creamy goodness.

Who's milkshake brings all the girls to the yard? Mine!


Wise County Courthouse, 2010

Posted on 2015.04.25 at 00:00
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One from the archives



Posted on 2015.04.24 at 00:00
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Lyons, KS


GBZ Computer, Pt. IV: One Job

Posted on 2015.04.23 at 00:00
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My son had finished installing the operating system on his new computer the next morning and I told him I would finish up the anti-virus installation, copy over his game files, and run a defrag while he went into Wichita to a friend's birthday party.

At one point I was getting ready to change the Windows Login screen background and had just set a userpic for him, and downloaded my own avatar for my Administrator account when I quite impulsively hit CTRL-L. This was his amusing reply which cracked up his sister and I:

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GBZ Computer, Pt. III: Hardware Buildout

Posted on 2015.04.22 at 00:00
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Attaching the brass mobo standoffs

Locking down the 8-Core processor

Plugging in the CPU fan

Putting everything in the case

First boot into the BIOS

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