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Indiana Jones

Addressing a Decade-Old Conversation

Posted on 2016.09.28 at 14:10
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I've been calling my daughter, "Ma'am" since she was born; before she could even understand speech. I do this for many reasons - One, being from Texas, its damn near automatic. Two, I hope it actively displays respect for her, and [when engaged in conversation] her opinions. Third, as all parents do, I hope to be a positive role model in her life She's a freshman in high school now which means I've been calling her, "ma'am" for 14-years. Yet sometimes, when I'm distracted, or excited, I will slip and call her "Sir." No, I don't know why. Perhaps its some unconscious patriarchal thing that has to do with my upbringing - I dunno. Regardless, for those of my friends who are pronoun sensitive, please understand its me, not you. I've been told, "Surely, after all this time, you should be able to get it right." Yes. I probably should. But if I occasionally slip up on my own daughter after FOURTEEN YEARS, I don't know what to tell you.


Updated Reading List

Posted on 2016.09.28 at 10:53
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Reading the entire Harry Potter series aloud to my GF. When I'm done with that I believe I'm reading Dan Brown's novels to her. A note about those - I ordered the illustrated editions online, with jackets. Received one illustrated, and one non-illustrated, one with a dust cover, and one without. I emailed the company back they were all like, "So sorry, just return us the one you want exchanged" but when I inquired as to the one I wanted to replace having its jacket and trying to ensure I would this time *actually* receive both illustrated versions and both with jackets, the company replied, "Tell you what, why don't we refund your money and you just keep them both."

I've started, but not finished, Let's Pretend This Never Happened a dozen times or more since 2012 (its hysterical) and wasn't aware A Wrinkle in Time was part of a trilogy (having read the book once in grade school) so when I found a nice bound edition at Barnes and Noble, I thought it might be fun. I've been a huge fan of Ken Follett since The Key to Rebecca (having read Daphne du Maurier's quintessential novel just prior) but haven't read any of his since Pillars of the Earth.

Concerning Stephen Hawking's two, well...they're fascinating, but not really light reading. Nor are The Constitution of the United States of America or the Communist Manifesto, which I purchased at the same time as reference material at the onset of Bernie Sanders presidential campaign when both sides were seemingly misquoting both books as gospel proof the "other side" had it all wrong.

Data Center


Posted on 2016.09.26 at 18:26
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Remember that Linksys router I found on clearance for $25? Well we burned it up. Can't say I'm really surprised. After all, we are running 4 desktops, 6 laptops, 4 iPhones, 2 tablets, up to 2 Playstations at a time, as well as the Blu-Ray player which acts as our full HD media streamer, and 3 servers, one each SUSE, WIN7, and HP/UX - as well as the associated network attached iLOs and MPs and the numerous devices my children's friends show up with when arrive en masse. Additionally, given the shifts I sometimes work, that poor little consumer device just ran hot all the time. I recently had COX come out when my 50Mbps dropped to 15Mbps, and the culprit was the router. I hooked back up our aging Netgear N300, but it was in no shape to do anything, and did that well for the 45-minutes it took me and my entire family to become frustrated beyond belief.

So we pooled our resources and finally bought the Netgear AC3200 Nighthawk X6. This thing is a monster with a dual-core CPU and a supposedly large heat sink. Now, this tri-band router has an impressive antenna array, so much so that the kids in the basement were finally pulling down 50Mbps from their extenders. We are all very pleased.

Its that enormous piece of equipment behind the keyboard.

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Still Life

Posted on 2016.09.25 at 01:02
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Camera Front


Posted on 2016.09.21 at 13:25
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Updated Ava

Posted on 2016.09.13 at 22:40
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Tried to make the tattoo look more realistic



Posted on 2016.09.13 at 15:48
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Korn shell no longer ships with SLES 12 SP1.

It does however, ship with something called legacy ksh - lksh (symlinked to ksh) but which behaves differently than actual ksh, and reports itself as mksh - which incidentally also behaves differently. By "differently" of course I mean so fundamentally modified, our DBA's thought their scripts had been possessed by demons - I was asked to look into an online ordination as to perform exorcisms on our newly installed servers during the next maintenance window. But I digress. The point is, we'll need to use ksh93, which requires installation of the Legacy Add-On Module.

sles12sp1:/ # cnf ksh93

The program 'ksh93' can be found in following packages:
* ksh [ path: /bin/ksh93, repository: zypp (Legacy_Module_12_x86_64:SLE-Module-Legacy12-Updates) ]
* ksh [ path: /bin/ksh93, repository: zypp (Legacy_Module_12_x86_64:SLE-Module-Legacy12-Pool) ]

Try installing with:
zypper install ksh

From the official release notes:

With SLE 12 SP1, we release KSH 93u, which is more stable version 93v. In order to provide a regular update path from 93v to 93u, a higher version number (93vu) has been used for this update.

This is the point at which I learned system administrators apparently struggle with sequential $PATH variables, (dot).[profile] variables, or both, as SLES 12 has solved this manufactured problem by creating an overly complex "alternatives" hierarchical solution in which well-known binaries can be symbolically linked to any number of derivative binaries.

Which might be awesome if it worked right out of the box. Here we see that ksh is actually lksh

sles12sp1:/ # update-alternatives --query ksh

Name: ksh
Link: /bin/ksh
ksh.1.gz /usr/share/man/man1/ksh.1.gz
usr-bin-ksh /usr/bin/ksh
Status: auto
Best: /usr/bin/lksh
Value: /usr/bin/lksh

Alternative: /usr/bin/lksh
Priority: 15
ksh.1.gz /usr/share/man/man1/lksh.1.gz
usr-bin-ksh /usr/bin/lksh

No problemo; man-page says --config name will show available alternatives for a link group and allow the user (me) to interactively select which one to use. Easy as pie. Everyone likes pie. So let's check out our options since we've already installed the Legacy Add-On Module, and choose ksh93 as our our back-end symlink:

sles12sp1:/ # update-alternatives --config ksh

There is only one alternative in link group ksh (providing /bin/ksh): /usr/bin/lksh
Nothing to configure.

Huh. Well let's go ahead and install one, k? Should be easy according to the man-page:

--install link name path priority [--slave link name path]...

sles12sp1:/ # update-alternatives --verbose --install /usr/bin/ksh ksh /bin/ksh93 20
update-alternatives: renaming ksh link from /bin/ksh to /usr/bin/ksh
update-alternatives: using /bin/ksh93 to provide /usr/bin/ksh (ksh) in auto mode

Its important to note you can't just choose to not have a slave in this configuration, because though it exited without error, we now get:

sles12sp1:/ # update-alternatives --query ksh
update-alternatives: error: /var/lib/rpm//alternatives/ksh corrupt: slave link same as main link /usr/bin/ksh

Therefore we MUST provide a slave link, which has to be in a very specific order, apparently, because mine failed with an inaccurate error message before I swapped the /bin/ksh and /usr/bin/ksh in the command below:

sles12sp1:/ # update-alternatives --verbose --install /usr/bin/ksh usr-bin-ksh /bin/ksh93 20 --slave /bin/ksh ksh /bin/ksh93
update-alternatives: setting up automatic selection of usr-bin-ksh
update-alternatives: using /bin/ksh93 to provide /usr/bin/ksh (usr-bin-ksh) in auto mode

Now, this worked, but still gives me a slave-link error in --query, but we can see it worked here, following all the symlinks:

sles12sp1:/ # which ksh
sles12sp1:/ # ls -al /usr/bin/ksh
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 29 Sep 13 13:26 /usr/bin/ksh -> /etc/alternatives/usr-bin-ksh
sles12sp1:/ # ls -al /etc/alternatives/usr-bin-ksh
lrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 10 Sep 13 13:26 /etc/alternatives/usr-bin-ksh -> /bin/ksh93

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Good Times

Posted on 2016.09.12 at 11:00
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I just used the phrase, "existential orgasm" in a sentence.



Posted on 2016.09.10 at 05:00
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On what was supposed to be our last day in Vegas, the flight back was cancelled the night before (they didn't want to bump us up to a larger plane which could handle the heat until it filled up with two-days worth of passengers), and we were to report to the airport for a meal voucher. But this is also where things get hairy, because I couldn't extend my $30-a-day car for an extra day, unless I paid its non-weekend price of $110. And since I had purposely rented it with my AMEX for the free rental insurance, which was not valid without pre-existing rental agreements, I just picked up a cheap $30-a-day car and added the insurance for one day. From there we drove to the airport for our meal voucher and overflow hotel reservation, booked at a gorgeous casino, and a slip of paper with the email address where to submit our receipts for reimbursement.

The meal voucher was $8.

And only redeemable in the airport.

Dorian picked up a bottle of water for $8 but the voucher didn't cover tax, so that too, was out-of-pocket. We instead dined at the casino's buffet that evening as seemed appropriate. Catching the extended flight out the next morning, I turned in a request for reimbursement for the car, the meal, and the extra day of airport parking when we arrived home.

36-days after my initial email, they contacted me for one more piece of information explaining I had a 10-day window in which to respond. As I had to contact another company to retrieve that information (which took 20-days to respond), I explained to Allegiant it would be unethical to levy expectations they couldn't even meet, and provided the requested information.

Nearly a month later, they replied they would cover just under half my expenses, as they do not reimburse food nor car rental "options" (read insurance).


South Gateway Rock

Posted on 2016.09.08 at 13:45
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Eric Howton Garden of the Gods  Sep 2016


Garden of the Gods

Posted on 2016.09.05 at 21:06
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Phule's Errand

Posted on 2016.09.01 at 13:24
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Posted on 2016.08.31 at 19:45
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So the wickedd-nanny error was indeed related to NFS. Basically SLES 11 would read the fstab sequentially allowing locally mounted filesystem to be placed under NFS mounts (once mounted). Something (I know not what, yet) in systemd presumably reads the fstab differently, disallowing not only the mounts, but also the whole of networking.

Fortunately, I found a little file in /etc/init.d named after.local where I put the local filesystem mounts (the fstab being filled with the NFS mounts). SLES 12 now boots, the configuration files looking thusly:

/dev/sda1   /   ext4
/dev/sda2   swap   swap
server:/export/a   /mnt/a   nfs
server:/export/b   /mnt/b   nfs
# SEE /etc/init.d/after.local        
#/dev/sdb1   /mnt/a/1   ext4
#/dev/sdb2   /mnt/b/1   ext4

And here's the relevant part of /etc/init.d/after.local

mount -f ext4 /dev/sdb1 /mnt/a/1
mount -f ext4 /dev/sdb2 /mnt/b/1

Doc Brown

Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid

Posted on 2016.08.30 at 09:16
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As catttitude, the kids and I left the house to get the kids to school, like he was every morning, there was Grandpa Bill, sitting in his Grand Marquis waiting for us to come out of the house. He was chewing on a toothpick. I called in and took a day off work, sliding into the passenger seat, marveling at this opportunity and wondering if he knew he'd passed away.

We spent the entire day hanging out and doing things - and at the end of each activity, he found himself surprised he wasn't tired. We took turns driving, went out for coffee, read the paper and went back to his apartment. He didn't seem to notice the place was dusty and boarded up, rummaging around for something. I had to go to the restroom, but didn't want to leave him - not for a minute - so brought him into the bathroom with me where he laughed at my new found comfort level with him (They had torn out the stool in the guest restroom so I had to use the one which was thankfully still affixed to the one off the master bedroom).

Then I heard someone else in the house, bumping around! I stealthily worked my way around the small apartment until I saw my neighbor Justin, and his entire family. This was their house now! No longer dusty and boarded up they were all home for lunch, Justin, his wife, two kids and their friends - it was a bustle of activity - and I inexplicably forgot my pants during the investigation. I could hear Bill coming into the room, and I wanted to explain, but they just smiled as I introduced Bill to everyone when he came into the room. Everyone shook hands and smiled.

Shortly thereafter we left again, making our way to an Italian restaurant where Bill and I engaged in an eating contest of sorts; I knew he was having too much fun, so suggested we stay for a second meal, and he pulled out his wallet, but I told him it was my idea so I would pay for it. He seemed to really like that, never growing tired, and excitedly anticipating his second meal in a row.

The entire time we were together, he just seemed so happy and filled with adventure and I was amazed at both his stamina, and the fact we were enjoying another day together, despite the fact I couldn't understand how it was so. I decided to simply marvel in its wonder, and enjoy his company as long as it lasted.

I awoke having enjoyed my newfound time with him very much, but in a bittersweet sort of way, what with his passing again in the forefront of my conscious.

Posted on 2016.08.28 at 20:57
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All you need is faith and trust and a little bit of pixie dust...Collapse )

Eric Sepia

Europa and the Pirate Twins: Cool Ranch

Posted on 2016.08.27 at 18:55
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Posted on 2016.08.25 at 20:48
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So there I was, trying to hold onto cash - I've been lucky insofar as I haven't had a lot of little expenses - but the few I have had have been monumental. So all was going well until we planned a trip to Colorado, which is normally a non-issue because we either take GF's car, or my little Tiburon. But this trip we're bringing the kids, and that means one thing, THE GRAND MARQUIS. At 24-mpg, its fine for its size, but the last couple of trips to Texas really drove the point home that it needed new shocks. It wasn't bad on a smooth, even straightway, but the moment there was even a slight change in elevation, the car starts hip-hopping until everyone has motion sickness...kinda like The Beast John Candy drives in Uncle Buck.

Today, all that changed.

A full set of new shocks installed by Schartz Automotive in Larned, KS. The drive back to Newton proved it was the right decision.

Colorado, here we come!



Posted on 2016.08.25 at 19:45
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Suse Linux Enterprise Server 12 moved from sysvinit to systemd bringing many changes with it, one of them being wicked replacing ifup for networking, and the new deamon watchdog, nanny. So far so good, but today we had an issue with NFS mounts in the fstab causing `job wickedd-nanny.service/start deleted to break ordering cycle.` I implore you, use caution when searching google for, WICKED NANNY :O :O :O :O

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And for frak's sake, stay out of Galactica's firing solution

Posted on 2016.08.17 at 08:04
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Farming for ship equipment with two accounts is fun. I take one of my higher character's, put them in a nearly impervious galleon, park them at the perimeter of the arena, and fire from a distance while my smaller character darts around in their skiff, providing supplemental fire and collecting loot. It has served me well for many years. Granted, with the newest update to the game, regular ships can now fire at multiple targets simultaneously (something previously accomplished only by boss ships) which makes it far more challenging as my skiff can be more easily boarded both by proximity and through more volatile health, but all in all remains a solid solution.

Alas, as misfortune would have it (and usually being the last thing to drop), the hull armor was picked up by one character, but the other character - at that moment - had reached maximum capacity in both their inventory and overflow bank, thus destroying the very thing I was farming for.

Another 100+ ship battles I suppose :/


The Hotel New Hampshire

Posted on 2016.08.09 at 18:16
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