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Jesus, Bible

The Story of the Birth of Christ As Told Through Scripture...and Minions

Posted on 2016.12.01 at 00:00
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Camera Front

Tamron 16-300mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD MACRO

Posted on 2016.11.29 at 00:00
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When considering the Tamron 16-300mm f/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD MACRO, I was also interested in how it performed as an impromptu portrait lens, because let's face it, if one is truly going to use it as their sole lens on an outing, it won't be limited to its wide-angle, telephoto, and macro functions, the only three examples I could find online. At least in photographs - I did find ONE video in which this was explored. In any case, for those of you looking for a portrait example of this multi-faceted lens, I give you my daughter, unretouched. This pic was not modified in any way in Photoshop/Lightroom. I opened it with Irfanview, and saved it as a jpeg. This is that jpeg, straight out of the camera:


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Sun Logo

Sexy Latinas

Posted on 2016.11.28 at 23:15
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Dreamed I was back in Germany. There I was, working in an underground bunker, and as it turned out, a handful of Latina women were trying to get with me. It was rather awkward for a number of reasons - one, they were competing against one another quite openly - some involving nudity and touching - in front of not only me, but those they considered competition, as well as their boyfriends, who were NOT taking it well - not that I blamed them! I was being actively pursued while trying to dodge the boyfriends who were of course blaming me, not them. I will admit I was tempted from time to time, but I had a two-fold problem in accepting the tender gestures of any one of them. First, they were all so lovely, I both didn't want to exclude any of them, and didn't want to harm my chances with the other girls by choosing the wrong one - I simply wanted them all. Secondly, I was most certainly already spoken for, and while I had NO IDEA where my GF was, I kept trying to find her, assuming she was in Germany with me. But this wasn't the weird part of my dream. No, the weird part was the old Sun hardware I was expected to work on once I escaped the Latinas. Hardware like the Sun SPARCStation-10 and the Enterprise 250. Funny enough, I dreamed the latter had externally accessible hot-swappable CPU modules. I think my old boss Jane was there in Germany too.


Churchman & Graves, LLC

Posted on 2016.11.27 at 16:37
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Dreamed Susan, Michelle and I opened a small kitsch retail store. It was fun. Lots of odd knick knacks and the like. I was left alone at one point, the others presumably at lunch, and was at a small table (which was acting as my desk) up against a large glass window trying to get a hold of my personal insurance company when a lovely lady peered in trying to get my attention. She was very pretty but my spidey-senses were tingling so I pretended not to see her. She put her knees together and bit her lip, looking up and down the street, still trying to get my attention. When that didn't work she groaned aloud that she needed to come in and use the bathrooms. I pretended the entire time to neither see, nor hear her, but when she went across the street to the gas station I got up to watch her go, surprise dto stopped to interact with an older lady on her way in. The cops showed up a bit later to question me - she was a con artist who'd hit quite a few stores that day, and they were out warning everyone as she was apparently a felon and considered quite dangerous! When they found out she'd already been here they wanted to know why I didn't let her in. I told them it was because she had eyes like Bella from Supernatural and you can't really ever trust that.

Then Michelle and Susan were back and we were so busy! I had four or five people in my line alone and some of the stuff they were bringing me wasn't marked - it was super frustrating. Not to mention I was using the calculator on my iPhone which probably wasn't the best idea for working retail - and trying to calculate tax and scribble it all down on a roll of receipt paper with a ball point pen. I was NOT prepared for this. The older Asian lady then gave me me a handful of oversized $50's and $20's for her bill which had only come to $7.70. I was telling her that her bill wasn't that much but another lady in line told me it was her way of helping us get started. That was sweet. As I finished my line I went to see Susan down the hall at her checkout. She still had some people in her line. Susan was sitting behind a huge counter/desk and not a little table like mine. She had an impressive desktop gaming rig for her computer instead of a little laptop like I had on my table, and a couple of 10-key machines with a tax-button built right in which printed the receipts automatically right from the little rolls instead of handwriting them out - she was absolutely brilliant. I rang one lady up while I was there, to help her out before remembering left the cash bag in the hall! I went back through the thinning line, grabbed the back, turned off all the lights behind grabbed it, and mused how working a 12-hours day at your own job was awesome!

As I came back into my office, I found two fully grown, rambunctious kangaroos running up and down the office.

bill, thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2016

Posted on 2016.11.25 at 13:12
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My brother was released on bail mere days before the holiday giving him the opportunity to join us for Thanksgiving. Dad drove up from Texas on Wednesday, and Thursday, my GF and I joined forces with him rolling out a 6-course meal with an assortment of pies and cake in just under seven hours - right when my oldest began acting uncharacteristically, "hangry." I can't remember the last time I ate so much. Probably last Thanksgiving.


Little Red Riding Hood

Posted on 2016.11.16 at 19:08
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Jesus, Bible


Posted on 2016.11.10 at 13:11
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The only thing I do differently than everyone else I know, is "re-examine" doctrine earlier than everyone else, and put it into practice immediately. I am already living as a (your denomination here) of the future. Think that's not true? Study your religion's past.

Don't put it off living your denomination's future yourself. Be an example to others, and start now. If the Pope can do it, SO CAN YOU! Mark my words, in 50, 100, 500 years, even the most homophobic church will have homosexual preachers standing at the pulpit or leading the entire church; probably even funding abortions. Think that applies to everyone but your church? Study your religion's past.

I'm already there. Won't you join me?



Lardmaster 237

Posted on 2016.11.09 at 19:27
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Hello, my name is Eric and I gained 4-inches around my waist in the 237 days since my last cortisone shot. I am all about reversing that now that I have my new shots. Insurance willing, I will get my MRI Friday. Torn meniscus is the best guess amongst those who ponder these things. But now that I can get these cortisone shots quarterly, I don't see why I can't stay on the bike. Today's ride was, to be sure, short, but I did work up a nice sweat. Seven months off will do that to a person.

Janeway (Alt)

Election Day

Posted on 2016.11.08 at 17:40
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In the 4th season episode of Star Trek: Voyager, "Living Witness" we come across an alternate-universe Voyager crew who are seen as bloodthirsty mercenaries wrecking havoc and sewing discord wherever they go. The story centers around one system which has two races of people living within - a master race, and a race of second class citizens who blame the master race as their cause for disharmony for 700 years. At a small museum of history in the city center, the trodden-upon race has assembled a recreation of how things go so bad, portraying their race as a peace-loving people, and the master race as overbearing aggressors. That is, until the museum's curator finds and activates a back-up hologram node containing, "The Doctor" who, aghast at the portrayal of his crew, sets the record straight - which unfortunately casts the races in opposite roles, causes further mistrust (and eventually rioting) of the two races believed to be a righteous correction of elitism and revisionist history.

The first, inaccurate recreation, the discovery of The Doctor, and the unfolding of the subsequent riots as the episode concludes, turns out to be a new, corrected recreation, outlining the path to peaceful unity. Present day folk watching a timeline of then-present day folk watching a timeline of past events.

As I was driving home this morning from Western Kansas, it amused me to remember this episode, as this entire election cycle looks like a recreation of close-minded buffoonery when viewed from an outside perspective. Few things are as asinine as one group of people believing another group of people wholly responsible for the very thing they for which they believe the other group responsible.

bill, thanksgiving

Fall Senior Pics

Posted on 2016.11.07 at 00:00
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Pop Art

MacGyver's Opinionated, Less Talented Brother

Posted on 2016.11.02 at 16:26
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"I am proud to be a lifelong [affiliation]."

Unless the fill-in-the-blank is, CRITICAL THINKER, our perception of that person is probably someone who has a highly visible inability to recognize, absorb, and utilize new information. Life is a highly-fluid construct which requires rapid adaptability to survive, and blame can take anyone only so far. This type of person would be like, the opposite of MacGyver.



Posted on 2016.10.29 at 14:50
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Camera Front


Posted on 2016.10.27 at 15:23
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The Robbers-Cave Experiment

Posted on 2016.10.20 at 19:15
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This is every single one of you dumb motherfuckers. Every. Single. One. Of. You. If you're reading this - it probably applies to you as well. Coincidentally, its also me. Or at least, it was. I've been slowly (oh so slowly) pulling myself out of every "side" of anything and everything I can apply it to over the last six years, and with it comes a clarity I dare say most don't yet recognise. I surely didn't. The first twenty times I read this, I applied it to the obvious, but the thing about knowledge is you cannot ever un-know. When the first wall finally broke (a lengthy, difficult, deeply personal process in and of itself) I was amazed at how many more had been erected behind it. I've been working to knock them down ever since.

Namaste, fuckers.


Posted on 2016.10.19 at 19:17
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I just received a call from India. It went something like this:

"I see that you own ehowton photo graph-y"

"Its generally pronounced, `photography`"

"Yes, photo graphy-y"


"Yes, photo...graph-y. What are you going to be using the URL for?"

"Uh, photography?"

"Yes, what will you be using your website for?"


"Very good sir, and will this be a business?"


"What kind of business?"


"Excellent sir, and what will you put on this site?"


"Yes of course..."


koken on suse

Posted on 2016.10.16 at 14:12
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Tried a new vps, this time using SUSE Leap 42.1 - which did not install as a LAMP server, so...After installing Apache/MariaDB/PHP, prior to following my steps in, koken, I had to follow up with:

# zypper install apache2-mod_php5

# zypper install libapache-mod-php5

# zypper install mcrypt

# zypper install php5-mcrypt

# zypper install php5-zlib

# zypper install php5-mysql

(and mysql_setpermission has to be installed with # zypper install mysql-community-server-tools.

The bitch was, my CMS, koken removed the free theme I was using, "Boulevard" and made available instead the all new "Bouelvard 2" which was available for purchase for $60. But because I had previously registered "ehowton_photography" with them (having used a symlink to "ehowtonphotography") I figured I would just make another symlink, but that turned out to be quite complex. The code which finally worked in the default-server.conf was this:

Alias /ehowton_photography/ "/srv/www/htdocs/ehowtonphotography/"

<Directory "/srv/www/htdocs/ehowtonphotography/">

Options Indexes MultiViews FollowSymLinks
AllowOverride None

<IfModule !mod_access_compat.c>

Require all granted

<IfModule mod_access_compat.c>

Order allow,deny
Allow from all


(other koken notes here)


Día de Muertos

Posted on 2016.10.16 at 01:11
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Posted on 2016.10.07 at 02:58
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Eric Howton Vegas Baby 2016_pp2


Julian Grey Photography - Newton Arboretum

Posted on 2016.10.04 at 14:43
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Posted on 2016.09.30 at 02:24
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Found this little gem in my Wishlist

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