Two Similar Dreams over Two Nights

Two nights ago I dreamed I had foreknowledge of two acts of terrorism, one of which was going to end my son's life. Agonizingly, I was unable to foil the plan without bringing down much more death and destruction - the only way to minimize casualties was to allow my son to be killed along with the hundred or so other people. You see, terrorists were going to blow up two airplanes after take-off. I can't even describe the emotions I was going through trying to justify allowing this to happen, but preventing this one comparatively minor act of terrorism seemed the kindest, safest way to save lives.

Two groups of people departed opposite directions to board their respective aircraft. I was dismayed when I watched a group of armed men mow down the passengers with automatic weapons prior to them reaching the aircraft, and though the group seemed to die suddenly, I was jubilant my son was in the other group, where they were just going to detonate the plane once it was airborne. I preferred a quick, painless death for him. I stood there, watching him board with his entire Kansas Air National Guard squadron, wistfully, painfully.

And was subsequently mortified when they launched the aircraft with the large cargo door still open, sucking out these young men and women one-at-a-time from altitude until the entire squadron was decimated. I didn't know why they chose that method, but it was horrific to watch, and know I was party to such a violent act.

That unpleasantness behind me, the very next night I dreamed I was in an airport, waiting for the series of incompetent ticket and gate people to figure out their shit. Apparently, I knew they were going to fuck absolutely everything up the moment I walked in, so had allowed plenty of time to compensate. In short, I was early, and unhurried, and not even frustrated as I knew ahead of time they were going to somehow fuck everything up. It started with misprinting my name on my ticket, which unsurprisingly now did not match my identification, so I was in queue to get that sorted.

At one of the airlines waiting area an entire cadre of sharp-dressed flight attendants wearing WWII-style dark gray airline uniforms and perfect hair turned around in their seats which they had arranged to look like aircraft seating, began a bit of a stage play themed safety briefing, jumping and twisting in their seats musical-style all the while talking about exits, flotation devices, and emergency procedures in their sing-song voices and perfect makeup. Soon they had added lighting modifiers and waves of black felt to simulate a lighting storm right there in the waiting area. It was quite an impressive display!

Then, using a bit of black and orange streamer surrounding a hoop, they simulated an explosion in the hull in the midst of the thunder and lightning - the captain was running from the cockpit and exploded in a loud concussion of red and silver confetti - it was now chaos - screaming, running; flight attendants being sucked through the hole in the fuselage. We were no longer in the waiting area of the airport, but experiencing a terrifying air emergency we probably wouldn't survive.

Then the screaming stopped, and the sing-song voices ceased and all the perfect flight attendants were sitting in their waiting room chairs smiling alongside the captain flashing his perfect teeth. It was a safety briefing after all, and though everything was back to normal, I was most decidedly not, still huffing and puffing with the adrenaline of horror coursing through me. I found the entire thing so very unsettling, I wanted to know why the hell they would do that in a goddamn waiting room.


Basic Training Graduation

Walking around San Antonio and taking pictures while also shooting my son's Basic Training graduation do I take:

The super-lightweight crop-sensor SL1 with the lightweight 10-22mm zoom, lightweight 50mm prime, and lightweight 16-300mm zoom (giving me an effective 480mm throw for the graduation ceremony), and three lightweight batteries.

Or the heavy-as-fuck full-frame 6D w/attached battery-grip containing two (2) each heavy-as-fuck batteries (which will shoot just short of forever), two spare heavy-as-fuck batteries, the heavy-as-fuck 150-600mm zoom, HAF Fisheye "L" glass, HAF 24-105mm "L" glass, and HAF 70-200mm "L" glass?

I am seriously conflicted here.


SMT Cleanup - Deleting Unneeded Repos

# yast --> Network Services --> SMT Server Management

Review list of repos which have been mirrored, paying close attention to the target column which outlines the chipset. Make a list of the NAME and TARGET columns; this is important for later.

Ensure the repo is not set to currently mirror, or the deletion will fail (Alt-M)

Once you are out of yast, run, # smt-repos --delete

Copy the corresponding ID number (second column) which match the NAME and TARGET columns (beware, SLES11-SAP is different than SLE11-SAP).

Once you have the list, you can plug in the ID number one at a time to confirm the path contains both the NAME and the TARGET you wish to delete:

Delete repository `/src/www/htdocs/repo/SUSE/Backports/SLE-12-SP3_arch64/product/`?

NOTE: The command smt-repos --delete can only accept one (1) ID at a time.

VirtualBox 6.0

It was always a pain in the ass moving VMs under VirtualBox for a whole host of reasons. Thankfully, in v6.0 they've included a move function! Which of course doesn't work. Sure it might work if I weren't moving VMs from one volume to another (the only reason off the top of my head I can think to do so) and using the new move function that errors out with VERR_NOT_SAME_DEVICE, a singularly unique error which does not show up anywhere on Google, nor the VirtualBox forums.

Thankfully, doing it the old-fashioned way still seems to work: Using the Virtual Media Manager, detach the *.vdi, tar up the directory in which the VM resides, move it to a new volume, delete it from VBox, Add --> New and point to the old VM in the new location, then re-attach your *.vdi.