Our Father's Children

Intelligence is a relatively small field; "incestuous" as photogoot once so aptly put it (where all applicable definitions most certainly applied), and as there are only so few places one can be stationed, those of us who served, often ran into each other time and again. It was during one of these random assignments photogoot and I shared a townhouse in Hampton Roads, VA. On display in our foyer was my grandmother's cabinet, which held our collective military-brandished coffee mugs, unique beer and wine glasses from numerous continents, and our not insignificant German stein collection, the centerpiece of which was my father's old stein when he was stationed at Sembach Air Base outside Kaiserslaughtern in the early 60s, and photogoot's dad's old stein from the same era. That's just how we were.

Both our fathers are now deceased, but both men had their impact upon me. One of his dad's most prominent, was introducing me to fine cigars. In that same vein, I had recently pulled out my Duca Carlo pipe and photographed it, enjoying a bowl on the front porch as the weather started warming. This got me reminiscing, and when I called photogoot to ask about one of his father's Meerschaum pipes (he had two, both displayed with the steins), I didn't even get to finish my query as he had seen the picture of the Duca Carlo and jumped to the same conclusion. Of course he did.

I don't know that I deserve such an heirloom, but it was generously gifted to me nonetheless, and his father's memory lives on just a little longer, in me.


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"I still remember my dream, that first night. Amazing.

But not particularly useful.

I dreamt I was a cow. There was a moment of panic when I discovered I had hooves instead of feet and four legs rather than two. I almost toppled until I realized I knew how to balance. It was an indwelling knowledge, born of simply being who I was. By the time I awoke the next morning, I had a fairly complete idea of what it was to be another creature, although not a creature I'd ever wondered much about. Still, I had found strange comfort in the slow and rolling progress of bovine thought. How wonderful the sensation of hooves sinking into soft loam. How satisfying the experience of belching up half-digested grass from my reticulum, chewing for a bit, then swallowing it down into my omasum for further processing."

~ Warlock Holmes, The Sign of Nine by G.S. Denning
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Speeding in Reverse, Pt. VIII

Dreamed my brother and I were in a Pinto, or a Gremlin, or a Pacer - some sort of 4-cylinder rear-wheel drive car; Kevin was driving down 75 Central Expressway way too fast - dangerously fast. He would make these erratic hard turns at the last minute, missing the guardrails and I was absolutely on edge.

At one point, the car in front us tried the same thing but actually bounced off the guardrail after hitting it. This caused the car in front of us to turn up on two wheels, then down and up on the opposite two wheels as it quickly lost its balance and turned over in front of us. As we were going too fast, we hit the wreck, which propelled our car several hundred feet into the air. My brother fell out of the car at its apex and I watched his body fall to the rocks in the median between the roadway. His hair was long and he was completely naked. I was trying to see if he was still moving, or if the fall had killed him. I couldn't tell if he was moving or not - he body lay completely prone on the jagged rocks below.

I thought I had a chance of surviving the fall if I remained in the car, so spent all my effort on securing myself, but suddenly the car was gone and I was falling toward the Earth, trying to aim for the soft, wet grass adjacent the rocks to avoid the same fate as my brother. All the way down I was watching to see if he was moving or not.

I awoke with my body tingling with the hot fire of adrenaline.

When I fell back asleep I was in a white limo with a black interior. It was owned by the Bible Camp, and had rows of seats like a school bus. The limo was trying to navigate down a tree-lined gravel road, but the kids kept opening the suicide doors and trying to catch them on the trees to force them off the car while it was moving. Fortunately the driver would stop the car when he saw the doors open in his side-view mirror, thwarting the kids' plan. When one kid closed his door so the car could continue, another kid opened the adjacent door in hopes to trick the driver - it worked, getting caught on the trunk of a tree, but did not snap off, rather bent it backward and prevented the car from continuing forward.

Seeing the dilemma from the cabin, the driver put the car into reverse to dislodge the car, backing down the gravel path. Then he started accelerating. We were now speeding backward toward a busy highway and the driver showed no intention of stopping. This maneuver seemed quite foolish and I was getting nervous. Sure enough, without slowing, we reached the end of the driveway, crossed the highway without being hit, and continued down into the steep culvert on the other side before coming to a stop. The driver announced from the intercom that this was going to get bumpy for those of us in the back of the limo, and floored it, hoping to jump the highway, and land at the Bible Camp cabin in hopes of bypassing the tree-lined path so the kids couldn't interfere with the journey.

Not only did I find his idea ridiculous, I couldn't imagine the limo had the power required to perform such a feat.

Then the limo was suddenly a train, somewhere overseas; probably Korea. I was standing in the aisle at the back, looking for a place to sit. I walked forward and found an empty seat just behind the adjoining articulation and sat. The girl behind me, my daughter's friend Erin, was dressed in military fatigues - we all were. She leaned forward and said, "I don't know why you chose to sit by me, I'm just a small-town girl from Kansas." It was like she didn't know who I was.

We arrived and disembarked at the Bible Camp. Behind the Great Room was the common area, a dark, sunken lounge done all in black. It had a projection television (a couple were watching cartoons), a wet bar, disco lights, and a smoke machine. I started fiddling with the dials filling the room with smoke and music and lights, much to the chagrin of the couple trying to watch cartoons. I explained that when I first started coming to Bible Camp, the older kids were the ones who controlled the environment, and now that I was the older kid, it was my turn. But the place was a mess with trash and leftover foodstuffs everywhere, so I organized a clean-up crew and we got started cleaning the everything up. The only arguments which broke out were which things were, and were not allowed to go into the sink's garbage disposal.

Re-Create Expired SMT Certificate

Create server certificate
1.Select the newly created CA in the YaST2 CA management module.
2.Press "Enter CA".
3.Enter the CA password.
4.Select the Certificates tab.
5.Click on "Add" and choose Server Certificate.
6.Provide the requested data:
7.For Common Name put in the fully qualified domain name of the server (FQDN) of the server, for example "". This is mandatory! NOTE: If you are recreating the CA because of a server name or domain change for the SMT server do not forget to also change the url setting in the /etc/smt.conf file.
8.Add an valid email address of the server administrator and press "Add".
9.Press "Next".
10.Here it is possible to either use the CA password for the server certificate or a different one. Also key length and validity may be changed.
11.Add DNS hostname and IP address to Subject Alternative Name. Adding the IP is optional, but the DNS hostname (as the FQDN) must be added, else the certificate will not accepted on all implementations. Adding the IP address has the advantage that clients also could use IP to connect to SMT server, but as IP might change, DNS hostname should be preferred . Add additional DNS hostnames and IP addresses of the SMT server if needed.

◦Select 'Advanced Options'.
◦Select 'Subject Alt Name' (not to be confused with Issuer Alt Name!!).
◦Select 'Add'.
◦Choose 'DNS' and put int the hostname (FQDN) of the server

◦Choose 'IP' and put in the IP address of the server.
12.Select 'Next' to get to an overview over the certificate.


TAB to highlight newly created certificate

Export the certificate as common server certificate, so that the http server apache uses it
1.On the certificates tab locate the "Export" button.
2.Select "Export as common server certificate".
3.Enter the password that was chosen for the server certificate.
4.A message "Certificate has been written as common server certificate" will be displayed.

Export the CA certificate to the smt.crt file
1.In the YaST2 CA management module change to the "Description" tab and select "Advanced / Export to File".
2.Select "Only the Certificate in PEM Format" and enter "/srv/www/htdocs/smt.crt" as the filename.
3.Select "Ok" to export the file.
4.Leave YaST.

Restart SMT
1.Restart the smt server by entering "rcsmt restart" into the root shell. This will also restart the http server apache on SMT 11/10, so that apache uses the new certificate.

NOTE: on SMT 12 SP1/2/3 servers run

systemctl restart smt.service


systemctl restart apache2
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Game Face

I awoke after a blissful 10-hour slumber, ensconced in my flannel cocoon on an unseasonably cool morning. I tucked my arms close, pulling the covers in to stem the assaulting breach of ambient temperature and trap the warmth. Two hours I lay there, contemplating existential terrors, mortified that each second counted down to Production Maintenance where I would begrudgingly apply my game face with harsh, angry strokes and subjugate myself to an excruciating Saturday of untold horrors. This lethargy was so uncharacteristic of me, had my senses not been dulled by despair, surely I would have been able to combat it. But there was no out. There was no solution, only Zuul. I stared blankly at the clock, wondering what would happen next. But then Dorian came in with coffee and fed me breakfast and everything was fine. Guess I just needed to eat :D

Query a List of Hostnames to Create /etc/hosts File

for x in `cat hostnames`;
do echo $(nslookup $x | grep -e Address | sed -n 2p | sed -r 's/.{9}//') $x ;
done >> hostfile


for x in `cat hostnames`;
do echo $(nslookup $x | grep -e Address | sed -n 2p | sed -r 's/.{9}//') $x $(echo $x | sed "s/\..*//") $(echo $x | sed "s/\..*//").alt.fqdn;
done >> hostfile