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Posted on 2019.10.28 at 14:16
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Camera Front

Skid Row

Posted on 2019.10.25 at 16:25
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VirtualBox 6.0

Posted on 2019.10.11 at 09:04
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It was always a pain in the ass moving VMs under VirtualBox for a whole host of reasons. Thankfully, in v6.0 they've included a move function! Which of course doesn't work. Sure it might work if I weren't moving VMs from one volume to another (the only reason off the top of my head I can think to do so) and using the new move function that errors out with VERR_NOT_SAME_DEVICE, a singularly unique error which does not show up anywhere on Google, nor the VirtualBox forums.

Thankfully, doing it the old-fashioned way still seems to work: Using the Virtual Media Manager, detach the *.vdi, tar up the directory in which the VM resides, move it to a new volume, delete it from VBox, Add --> New and point to the old VM in the new location, then re-attach your *.vdi.



Posted on 2019.09.22 at 13:53
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I sometimes wonder if the drop in church attendance attributed to millennials has less to do with the rise of the Information Age and more of a logical conclusion to the generation-long conflation of religion and morality. "What happens behind closed doors" was universal code for the polarity of public versus private attitudes hiding behind outwardly decent, God-fearing folk. Yet our children were there with us behind those closed doors; they heard our vitriol, watched our reprehensible behavior toward ourselves and others, and understood all too well the manifestation of the seven-deadly sins hiding behind our pasted on smiles and false shock over hearing of others doing exactly what we were guilty of or worse. Let us bear the responsibility for their rejection.


Building OpenStack; First Steps

Posted on 2019.09.16 at 12:07
Current Location: 67526
i5 CPU (2.9GHz)/16GB RAM

/dev/sda2 52GB SSD partition mounted as /

Running openSUSE 15.1</blockquote>

/dev/sda2 300GB 7200rpm partition mounted as /~OpenStack

Contains VM ControllerNode1 2x4GB Running Centos 7

5GB storage (thin) (enp0s3) (enp0s8)

Contains VM ComputeNode1 4x6GB Running Centos 7

10GB storage (thin) (enp0s3) (enp0s8)

/dev/sdb3 152GB 7200rpm partition mounted as /VMs

Contains VM ObjectStorageNode1 1x2GB Running Centos 7

8GB storage (thin) (enp0s3)

Contains VM ObjectStorageNode2 1x2GB Running Centos 7

8GB storage (thin) (enp0s3)

/dev/sdc 30GB SSD-hybrid USB3.0 thumb mounted as /USB

Contains VM BlockStorageNode1 1x2GB Running Centos 7

4GB storage (thin) (enp0s3)

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
(1.2 GHz/1GB RAM)

/dev/root 32GB microSD partition mounted as /

Running Raspian Buster

OpenMediaVault NAS

/dev/cloud 256GB RAID0
You can't RAID USB devices, so...

pool0 (64GB) shared to BlockStrorageNode1 as /pool0

pool1 (64GB) shared to BlockStrorageNode1 as /pool1

pool2 (64GB) ObjectStorageNode1 as /pool2

pool3 (64GB) ObjectStrorageNode2 as /pool3

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Anthony, KS

Posted on 2019.09.13 at 15:54
Current Location: 67003


Sterling College

Posted on 2019.09.12 at 11:14
Current Location: 67579

Dallas Pegasus

The Official Kansas 9/11 Memorial, Anthony, KS

Posted on 2019.09.11 at 23:30
Current Location: 67003

Department of Peace

Official Kansas 9/11 Memorial, Anthony, KS, 2013

Posted on 2019.09.11 at 11:28
Current Location: 67003


Herman Augusta White, Perry, OK

Posted on 2019.09.10 at 15:24
Current Location: 73077



Posted on 2019.09.10 at 15:11
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Posted on 2019.09.09 at 18:52
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Posted on 2019.09.09 at 18:39
Current Location: 73077

Self Portait

Alien Landscape

Posted on 2019.09.08 at 12:16
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Posted on 2019.09.08 at 12:00
Current Location: 80807



Posted on 2019.09.07 at 20:38
Current Location: 67526


Monument Rocks, KS

Posted on 2019.09.06 at 13:52
Current Location: 67736



Posted on 2019.09.06 at 13:50
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Posted on 2019.09.06 at 13:44
Current Location: 80807


Oklahoma Department of Corrections

Posted on 2019.09.06 at 13:40
Current Location: 73077

Was touched by the impressive display of military bearing Oklahoma Department of Corrections brought to this solemn event.

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