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Typhoon SSBN


Posted [sticky post] on 2017.09.05 at 21:53
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Thirteen years on Livejournal, 12 of them on a Permanent Account, and I've reluctantly mirrored to Dreamwidth because, politics.

May you rot in hell you miserable sons of bitches.



Posted on 2017.11.16 at 14:59
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In Kansas, when you trade in a vehicle, new or otherwise, you pull the plate off your existing vehicle, and attach it to the new one - this covers you for 30-days before you have to go in and register it, whether or not its your registration month - let me explain, Kansas registers vehicles according to whichever month your last names aligns with. My last name is, "Howton" which means I register my car in July. Awkwardly, you can ONLY register your vehicle during your last name month, or the month before your last name month, or - apparently - any month AFTER your last name month as long as its not prior to the next year's registration (if that makes sense).

So when I went in to tag the Flex, I also tried to register all my other cars, because why not? I'd sure hate to register only some of them, and not others, then find DAYGLO orange stickers on them because I'd been driving them illegally for six month. BUT IT WASN'T MY LAST NAME MONTH so I was turned away.

And I wouldn't have even thought about it except I had to leave the house today, and something my neighbor had told me kept playing through my head as I was walking towards it in the parking lot along the lines of, "...they cannot tow a registered vehicle..." Looking down at my tags (Kansas still puts their little registration stickers on the plates themselves), confirmed this. Thanks neighbor!

Eric Saudi


Posted on 2017.11.15 at 15:29
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Something about me was fundamentally wrong today.

I'd easily passed it off at having arisen at god-awful hundred this morning; the dream I was having was so visceral. I was composing magnificent shots with my camera, and editing them brilliantly, in an almost 3D perspective. They were things of beauty. Then I awoke. I was stunned none of it was real, but this reality overtook me slowly, and sadly. I tried to crawl back into the dream by shrugging back under the covers which had loosened around me. It didn't work.

This wakefulness was entirely unjustified. I blamed it on the Perocet I'd taken two hours earlier - blindly, as the pain from my knee startled me awake once again in the middle of the night. Only, I'd stayed up until well after midnight, mindlessly staring at at unblinking phone for a whirlwind of unrelated reasons, some one which undoubtedly led me to my dream; the dream which was stolen away.

I laid in bed as the frustratingly early time-modified dawn crept around me. Eventually, I rose, though I don't remember dressing, and at the appointed time, dialed into work and started going through the motions. Yet something was definitely amiss. At some point I consumed a bowl of cold cereal - an unusual breakfast for me to be sure, but again blamed upon the cruelty of the early morning.

Then later, as I was wandering the kitchen trying to sate an appetite I don't usually have, it dawned on me. All this nihilism, this disregard for normalcy - I'd forgotten to drink coffee this morning.

And that has made all the difference.



Posted on 2017.11.15 at 13:57
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Ever since I rented that tilt-shift lens, I have imagined over and over what I could accomplish with that tool in my arsenal. I'd assumed I would simply pick up the Rokinon/Samayang/Opteka rather than drop coin on the Canon L series, but numerous reviews had me rethinking my strategy - problematic since I don't yet make enough money off them to justify all these gorgeous lenses, and even the Rokinon/Samayang/Opteka tilt-shift is $700. And while its true I could pick up a used TS-E 24mm f/3.5L (the one I'd rented for Colorado Springs) for about the same price, I hear the new one is in a category all its own, sadly with a price to match. The lomo site Lensbaby makes a couple of awkward little selective focus lenses (Spark and Composer) but those aren't really in the same league as a technical tilt-shift.

Which brings me to DIY.

A full-frame camera requires a massive lens in order to completely fill the sensor area given the variable gymnastics tilt-shift is capable of - something which cannot yet be accomplished with a standard 35mm lens. BUT FOR ABOUT THE PRICE of the Rokinon/Samayang/Opteka, I can get a used Medium Format Hasselblad Zeiss lens and an EOS tilt-shift adapter.

Since Best Buy (with their amazing 12-months 0% interest) does not yet carry the futuristic Canon TS-E 24mm f/3.5L II, I'm looking to the past.

Camera Front


Posted on 2017.11.15 at 10:41
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Rec'd my battery grip today (the "Amazon Choice" Vello BG-C8; not as cheap as the less expensive ones, but fantastic reviews and not nearly as expensive as the Canon brand.) If there's one thing the 6D excels at above and beyond the SL1 its battery life - one already lasts a half-day of shooting. However, I noticed during our Pin-Up shoot, back-button focus and shutter release while vertical was less exceptional, thus the grip, which mimics the AF-ON/exposure-lock/focus point selection as well as the aperture wheel and shutter release. The battery grip also comes with an emergency sled you can fill with 6xAA batteries.

I have potentially four shoots before the end of the year, two already scheduled. Up next, Medium Format and/or Hasselblad. Stay tuned!

Drop Ship

McConnell Douglas F4-D "Phantom"

Posted on 2017.11.13 at 20:59
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Had far too much fun playing with all the pics I took of the McConnell Douglas F4-D "Phantom" in Emporia, KS Veterans Day weekend:


Veterans Day 2017

Posted on 2017.11.13 at 11:07
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Emporia, KS, the "Birthplace of Veterans Day" also had, according to an internet search of military aircraft static displays, a single Phantom F4-D. Since creating an actually awesome Facebook frame for us USAF veterans, and subsequently, one for those in relationships with us at the behest of GF, I'd had the idea to shoot her pin-up style against the backdrop of military aircraft. Coupled with GF's enthusiasm for fulfilling an (unbeknownst to me at the time) lifelong dream of pin-up modeling, we both set off on our separate paths to make this shoot a reality.

Though it was very late Friday night when she concluded her first makeup test, the results were so spectacular, I didn't want to waste the effort, so I shot her against the green screen and pasted her in photos I had taken of random static displays I'd found during our trip to Colorado earlier in the month. Alas, while fun, they were but facsimiles of what I'd hoped to accomplish. We'd planned to hit Emporia the next day, Sunday, and even arose early to accomplish this task, but the weather had not cooperated, being overcast and rainy the entirety of the day. Not waiting to again waste the effort of the second day of makeup, I followed her around the local shops in town grabbing shots where I could. This was cut short due to scheduled production maintenance which kept me up late again as well, which is why Sunday's trip to Emporia was such a madhouse.

We'd slept in. We'd had to in order to have the energy for the trip. But there were also kids to attend to, breakfast to make, and all the other things which go along with a Sunday morning ritual - most of which I performed solo while GF was working on her third and final day of victory rolls and pin-up makeup, which honestly went way over time, but only because we'd just changed over to Daylight Savings Time. It was going to get dark fast once we arrived at our destination, and with that, plummeting temperatures.

First the good news - the static display was completely open to the public - it was not behind an unsightly fence; we had unfettered access to the aircraft. Secondly, it was an actual USAF variant, which I wasn't expecting as the McConnell-Douglas F4 (Phantom) was initially produced as a Naval aircraft and eventually flown by the Marine Corps and Air Force as well. I will add here as well that seven years of Air Force Intelligence studying, among other things, Air Order of Battle and I had no idea the AF variant had a tailhook - so there's that - learning something new every day.

As for the bad, once I'd hauled my gear to the site from the vehicle, I'd found I'd once again left my memory card at home, attached to the computer. Not a problem, I learned early on to carry a hardpack with no fewer than 11 occupied slots. Only, somewhere in the confusion of the weekend, and the quickly approaching darkness, I'd left the hardpack at home. I had no memory cards. Resigning myself to losing light while backtracking into town in hopes of procuring some poorly performing generic card at one of the small-town country stores I remembered placing my backup camera in my tote just in case, which was sitting in the back of the car. I was saved!

I ended up not shooting with fill flash, utilizing the soft, ambient light filtered from the heavy cloud cover, but somehow disabled bracketing halfway through my shoot, and (beyond me) discovered I had my Sigma 50mm F/1.4 Art lens set to (gasp) f/5.6. WTAF? Once I correct that to f/1.4 everything magically fell into place and we had a successful (albeit short) shoot. Happy Veteran's Day!

Eric Passport

Ah, Deutschland!

Posted on 2017.11.10 at 07:30
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Dreamed I was with Mom & Dad as we vacationed in sunny Germany, eating at fancy restaurants, drinking delicious beer, and taking pictures with my 6D which was awkwardly also a film camera (that last part didn’t work so well). We’re coming up on a year now and I guess my subconscious isn’t yet done.


But Why?

Posted on 2017.11.09 at 15:32
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Two of my cars marked by the cops to be moved or towed at my expense. I had 48 hours to comply, but have no idea when they were put there. Initially, I wanted to pull the Mercury (which they identified as a Buick) up and park the Tiburon behind it, thus fulfilling the letter of the law. However, that's likely far too subtle for the local police for a several hundred dollar joke, so I moved them into the driveway and parked the Flex there instead. Wish me luck!



Posted on 2017.10.30 at 08:05
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I've been trying to get a picture of our street sweeper for over two years. He's very elusive. Today, however, it was cool and sunny - the weather is perfect; this has foiled many an attempt - he looked like he was on a route I recognized, so I quickly unpacked my gear and positioned myself in the corner of my front porch with my 70-200mm F/4L (what my daughter call my, "Stalker lens") and sure enough, finally caught him! TWO YEARS!!


Newton Office October 2017

Posted on 2017.10.28 at 22:54
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roadtrip, truck

Colorado Springs

Posted on 2017.10.26 at 16:23

Eric Howton Trejon St Colorado Springs 2017

Eric Howton Photoshoot Downtown Colorado Springs 2017

Eric Howton USAF Academy 2017

Eric Howton Manitou Cliff Dwellings 2017

I don't yet know how to "lj-cut" in dreamwidth or if it would translate to LJ :P



Posted on 2017.10.25 at 19:31
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The diminutive Pentax Q takes outstanding pictures - my "Where's Waldo?" post was captured with it. However, I also wanted to utilize it as a platform for lenses which otherwise mount to mirrorless cameras. That is does less well. The Schneider-Kreuznach was sold as an M39 mount. Alas, its closer to a C-mount, but with much tighter threads, and I cannot find a PQ-mount helicoid - at all.

The others are adequate, but with the Pextax Q's insane 5.6x crop factor, it changes things up a bit. For example, it turns the Industar-50 (with the Leica cap) into a 280mm prime, but the 12mm Compar f/1.2 (bottom right) into a 67mm lens. Running middle of the road is the 35mm Fujian (pink) which delivered beautifully rendered pictures on the Sony NEX-3n, but very soft pictures on the Pentax Q. When I take it on my next trip, I'll stick to the two Pextax lenses, and leave the others at home.


Whose Snowflake?

Posted on 2017.10.22 at 18:55
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Posted on 2017.10.15 at 01:54
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Posted on 2017.10.08 at 01:00
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GF's mom found me an old Vivitar Series-1 2x teleconverter at an estate sell, which effectively turns my surprisingly inexpensive Tamron VC 16-300mm Superzoom into a monstrous 960mm focal length lens when paired with my little SL1's crop-sensor factor. Thus I present to you, The Harvest Moon (+3 days):

Camera Front

Behind the Scenes

Posted on 2017.10.07 at 00:38
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Speeding in Reverse, Pt. VI

Posted on 2017.10.06 at 17:56
Current Location: 67114

Dreamed I was in an older, upper-class neighborhood and had just finished loading the back of the Flex, with what, I do not recall, but it was a job getting the back hatch to latch. Once successful, the vehicle was now a gloss black third-generation Chevrolet Caprice Classic (with a front grill somewhere between the Winchester's 67 Impala and a 69 Coronet 440 but with a modern Caprice, "look") in which I got behind the wheel and started to drive. Only, in reverse. And of course the brakes didn't work - at all. Neither did the emergency brake which I pulled, pulled some more, and kept pulling, all to no avail.

As the car continued to pick up speed while moving backward, I turned to look behind me trying to steer clear of any obstacles. I was dismayed that I was accelerating towards an intersection, yet thankfully, the light was green. Unfortunately after speeding backward through that one, I quickly approached another - again green. Though I did understand this couldn't go on indefinitely. The next light was red, but I managed to squeeze through without crashing into anyone. I was not, however, so fortunate at the next red light; I scraped the front bumpers of two cars which were crossing the intersection. This fender bender did affect my speed - I slowed considerably, enough to make a turn at the next intersection where I stared a gentle back and forth motion trying to slow down further. I made one more turn up a road with an incline, slowed, and came to a stop against a building in Chinatown.

The two people I'd hit had followed the car and now approached me. I was apologetic as I fished the insurance information from my wallet and handed it to them to copy. That's when Dr. Gregory House emerged from the building I'd hit - it was his practice and he'd come out to tend to the injured. This encompassed him putting his hands up and down my neck and shoulders feeling for any indication of damage.

Then I awoke.

Speeding in Reverse, Part I
Speeding in Reverse, Part II
Speeding in Reverse, Part III
Speeding in Reverse, Part IV
Speeding in Reverse, Part V

Eric B&W


Posted on 2017.10.04 at 17:16
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Like A PrayerCollapse )



Posted on 2017.10.04 at 10:58
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