Dad's Visit

Dreamed my brother and I were living together in a row house like the ones in Hastings, UK. Dad came to visit driving his cream-colored early 80s BMW. It was a nice visit.
Captain Hammer

The Order of the Universe

Things I trust to keep me safe from COVID, in this order:

Doctors of Science
Subject Matter Experts
Medical Scientists
Medical Experts
The Scientific Method
Medical Journals
Peer-Reviewed Studies
Professors of Medicine
Professors of Science
Kindergarten Teachers
My nonpartisan super-smart coworker I've known for 10+ years
My nonpartisan super-smart friend I've known for 10+ years
Your best friend who failed science in high school, but like, knows stuff about stuff
Your co-worker who is a known conspiracy theorist
Your racist uncle
Idiot politicians
Willfully ignorant politicians
Politicians who have been elected to office
Politicians running for office
God Himself

and finally...

People who believe politicians know more than peer-reviewed studies, medical journals, the scientific method, medical experts, medical scientists, subject matter experts, doctors of science, doctors, or science.
linux, pink


for x in `rmt-cli repos list --all | grep 15 | grep SP2 | grep -v Not | grep SAP | awk ' {print $2} '` ; do rmt-cli repos enable $x ; done

rmt-cli mirror


Only because I keep looking for it here, and haven't (apparently) posted it yet, here's how to get neofetch to display at boot on various operating systems:

openSUSE/SLES: /etc/profile.d/

Ubuntu: sudo bash -c $'echo "neofetch" >> /etc/profile.d/ && chmod +x /etc/profile.d/'
A Beautiful Mind

COVID-19 Modeling

SARS-Cov-2 (COVID-19) protein-modeling update - Folding@home DAILY Points accumulated per SYSTEM:

4,000 GeFORCE GTX 1070 (Win10 metal)
5,000 Intel Core i5-4570T 1-core (Mint vm)
10,000 AMD FX-8370 8-cores (Win10 metal)
35,000 Intel Xeon E5-645 8-cores (Win10 vm)
45,000 Intel Xeon E5-645 8-cores (Mint vm)
100,000 Intel Core i7-8700B 12-cores (MacOS metal)
325,000 Intel Xeon E5-2640 v3 32-cores (Mint metal)


Broadway Phonetic Alphabet

For those of you who aren't familiar with the NATO phonetic alphabet, but love Broadway, this is for you:

A - Annie Get Your Gun
B - Book of Mormon
C - Cats
D - Deathtrap
E - Evita
F - Fiddler on the Roof
G - Guys and Dolls
H - Hamilton
I - The King and I
J - Jersey Boys
K - Kiss Me, Kate
L - Lion King
M - Mamma Mia
N - Newsies
O - Oklahoma
P - Phantom of the Opera
Q - Avenue Q
R - Rent
S - Spamalot
T - Torch Song Trilogy
U - Urinetown
V - Victor/Victoria
W - Wicked
X - Xanadu
Y - Young Frankenstein
Z - Zorba

Mail-In Ballots

I know there is a lot of controversy surrounding mail-in ballots and their susceptibility to to tampering, possibly swaying the upcoming Presidential election. I just wanted you to know that whichever side you're on; whatever you've heard, there is great comfort in knowing only the other party is lying, or omitting facts, or making things up to benefit themselves because your party would not only never do that, they don't even have reason to - they are honest and just want the best for America. All the news articles and statistics from the sites you trust are just giving you the facts, and the articles your friends have shared showing the opposite are fake news from obviously biased sites. I know you have the links to prove to your point. Trust me, you're doing the right thing - believing the right people for the right reason. The other side is out of their goddamn mind trying to peddle blatant falsehoods in order to sway the sheeple. But not you. You're not sheeple. Stay strong friends, and Godspeed.
Eric 1stDiv, Triumphant

Playing the Game

Global Chat and Online Forums are a wondrous, yet frightening thing; you can learn so many new ideas, helpful hints, and gain previously unthought of perspectives on a great many things while simultaneously discovering not only the worst of humanity, but also pervasive beliefs predicated on mind-blowing ignorance amidst a coalition of dismissing different, yet equally valid new or different perspectives. The dichotomy can be overwhelming to those who thrive on epistemology, and, if I'm being honest, likely comforting to those who don't. Then again, being able to perceive, acknowledge, understand, and practically apply the knowledge that some do, and some do not, seemingly further compounds the chasm between those who gleefully embrace completely radical ways of piecing disparate pieces together, and those who not only cannot, but willfully choose not to do so, for reasons they themselves do not even understand, even when others may, much to the chagrin of everyone involved. Unnecessarily long sentences asides, we not only see this same scenario played out over and over again from a global level, but all the way down to its microcosm in our own communities on a personal level. And it permeates everything.

I was reading a series of tweets recently which had challenged (for me) some fundamental truth in a way I'd never before considered. I found it radical, unsustainable, and foolish. I knew immediately which of my acquaintances would support it, which would balk at it, and of those two groups, which within each would either not know why they held the opinion they did, or would proffer to know absolutely and without question. Not knowing why you hold a opinion or knowing exactly why you hold an opinion both can be problematic if one is not open to questioning it, or worse, believing it is the only valid opinion. I wondered why I considered the tweet's subject fundamental, or unsustainable, or foolish - was it because that was all I knew? All I had ever experienced? Was it because of how I was raised? How my parents were raised? How their parents were raised? So much has changed in the last several hundred years and the last several hundred years before that I wondered why we still cling to demonstratively incorrect assumptions which may (or may not have) been valid generations prior. I still vacillate between willful ignorance or objective synthesis being key to intrinsic happiness. The answer is likely as varied as the opinions on the matter.

In that same vein, I've been playing a new video game. While every aspect of this game is distinctly incommensurable to the previous games I've played, a common thread amongst its base persists - there is only one way to play the game - their way; despite the innumerous combinations of gameplay or reasons for playing. On the surface, it is absolutely harmless to come across someone who hasn't yet pieced together the array of uniqueness from which is borne, among other results, true innovation. Or joy. Or satisfaction. Less harmless when that opinion is rooted in such a way it cannot be swayed with equally valid variations. Yet we run across it again and again and again in our families, our friends, our communities, and our (admittedly woefully limited) ascribed ideologies. But that's the thing about intrinsic happiness I suppose; some require variety, others, a prescribed, unalterable path. My concern isn't with that difference, rather those who believe theirs alone irrevocable/sacrosanct/incontrovertible.