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...when I look at these machines I... I can't help thinking that in a way... we are plugged into them.

Work Update
A user brought in some homemade bran mini-muffins to thank the staff for going 'above and beyond' during some troubleshooting yesterday. I explained to her that it was all part of the job. She wouldn't hear it, and the mini-muffins were fantastic! Of course this is the day before a holiday, so it's been thankfully slow - especially nice since I have two people out and both Monday & Tuesday were hectic! And I finally killed ObjectDock, an aqua-esque toolbar. It's time to go back to the Start bar.

Kids Update
I really wish my children could take advantage of all the rooms in our house and roam freely throughout. I'd like to see them play and have fun and enjoy us and each other as we enjoy them. Unfortunately, and I'm hoping this is only a phase, every time they are either together in one of their bedrooms, or out running free throughout the house, they either hurt each other, hurt themselves, or stand in front of one us blathering like idiots while knocking items off their resting places. Hence, they've been spending a lot of time separated in their own rooms.

Kubuntu Update
By effectively practicing civil disobedience, my wife has successfully driven Kubuntu from our home. Granted, there is no linux driver for the Lexmark 6250 MFP (and that model is not on their linux-kit list either), and no audio-driver (though that's my fault, given enough time I could fix that as I believe this box is either a standard AC'97 or a SoundBlaster Live!) Also, I read with much curiosity about princessleia2's Nvidia card, as mine displayed perfectly at 1280x1024...until I rebooted it. Then it was forced at 800x600 with no other options available. How convenient. Furthermore, neither Konqueror (which is really quite slow) or Firefox could establish to sites that it was flash-enabled. Now that pissed me off (all the kids online games require it). Either way, its outta here. I'm thinking about rebuilding the XP box from scratch.

Second Life Update
Logged in yesterday for the first time (and chatted with irulan_amy Yay!) but found that I am so very 'average' that when I was done editing my avatar, I looked just like the standard guy. Well, except for my flattop & beard. They have no mechanism in place to sculpt a flattop, or to have a nice, trimmed beard. Fine. Anyway, methinks though the application will run on the mini, as that box is so overtaxed as it is, I'll install the application on my new XP box, even though the frame buffer in that isn't top-notch, it's probably better cut out for these types of things than the mini.

Vaio Update
I crashed my first application on the new Vaio today, albeit, a beta one. We were trying to get Video-AIM working, so we downloaded the newest client (6.0) and then the beta AIM Gadgets (mind you, I deselected everything but the A/V properties)...anyway, we got the voice across, but not the video, and after letting it sit a little bit, AIM froze. So far, the only thing I dislike about the unit, is the lack of a 'Shift' key on the right-hand side of the keypad. I could type twice as fast with one in that location. Also it has audible screensavers, which make me angry. I disabled mine the first time it happened. In other news, one of my desktop guys (teh mad hax0r) booted the Vaio from a USB harddrive with OSX x86 on it, creating, what we believe is, not only the smallest OSX box (mini eat your heart out) but the first time the UX280P has hosted OSX. A couple of items to note about this conversion: The USB harddrive did not have the widescreen driver loaded (easily changed), the bluetooth worked (the Wireless NIC did not) and it was truly 24-bit beautiful color, which I was unable to capture with my point & shoot - my shot appears to be 8-bit, but this is unretouched. My next Vaio test? Kunbuntu!

My bad - here is someone running OSX on the UX180P.
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