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Notes, Lotus Notes

I don't know what possesses me to fight, tooth and nail, every step of the way, against the corporate grain. Perhaps it's simply because I'm an ass? I certainly don't think I'm smarter than everyone else. Perhaps it's because corporate is usually so frustratingly stupid? Either way, Lotus Notes corporate upgrade. MONTHS of pre-planning, announcements, little java cartoon reminders. Anyway, I waited until the third "YOUR MAIL WILL BE SHUT OFF TOMORROW!" message before I did anything. And really, what they wanted me to do was remove my mail file from the server, and make local copies of my mail file across multiple machines. Look, I don't know what IT rock you've been living under for the past 5 years, but I've been on three accounts, with a grand total of 5 laptops and 3 NTish desktops. Homey really just does not play that. So I changed my location information, upgraded my mail client (in a day, I might add), and continue to receive mail normally.

mud'd a little today for the first time in very long time. I'm ready to level, but I fell in a pit and have to find a shaman leveler dude or somesuch. I really do suck. I was hoping the god Talos would find me, have pity on my pathetic pit-self, and put me in his pocket for awhile. Maybe drop me off at a guildmaster leveler dude shaman. This pit is kinda nasty. Lots of body parts and gore. But there is a nice mud-covered cat I like to pet. Hard to pet him in between battling the boars and insane warriors. kill warrior; pet cat; bash; kick Still, I like to think that Skoal is a spot of sunshine in the pit-cat's miserable mud-caked existence.

bash-2.05# uname -a
SunOS v100r2 5.9 Generic_112233-08 sun4u sparc SUNW,UltraAX-i2
bash-2.05# showrev -p | grep 113073
Patch: 113073-05 Obsoletes: 113005-02 Requires: 113454-08 Incompatibles: Packages: SUNWcsr, SUNWcarx
bash-2.05# showrev -p | grep 113454
Patch: 113454-04 Obsoletes: Requires: Incompatibles: Packages: SUNWcsr, SUNWcarx
Patch: 113454-14 Obsoletes: 115251-02 Requires: Incompatibles: Packages: SUNWcsr, SUNWcarx, SUNWhea
Patch: 113073-05 Obsoletes: 113005-02 Requires: 113454-08 Incompatibles: Packages: SUNWcsr, SUNWcarx
Patch: 113026-10 Obsoletes: 113069-04, 113282-01, 113333-02, 113491-01, 113276-04 Requires: 112233-07, 113454-01, 114127-01 Incompatibles: Packages: SUNWmdr, SUNWmdu, SUNWmdx, SUNWhea

If 'bad inode number 0 to ginode' is a hardware problem, it should have been cleared up when I broke mirror, inserted a new harddrive, sync'd, broke mirror, and removed the old mirror. It did not. Now, I bark up the patch tree.

I sent this to a friend who was out sick today:

Ode to Wellness
I hear your tummy's in a bind
Try to keep it in
If you feel you have to poop
Just go ahead my friend.

The word around the campfire
Is that you eat too much
Well don't you worry your pretty little head,
I'll take them all out to lunch!

These things do sometimes happen
But happen more often they do
When only you eat at Pancho's
And then forget to poo!

They make this stuff called water
And not just to mix with Coke
If just occasionally you would drink it
You'd be a much happier bloke.

Your bowels are kinda funny
Unless broken they become
Then there's no more laughing
Just runs and runs and runs!

I hope you get to feeling better
So you can come out and play
With just one more sick-day this week
You'll have only had to work 2-days!

Get well soon.
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