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“Ice fell from the sky all evening.
I finally retired at midnight and we lost power at two a.m.
I was standing in my son's room and a branch from the neighbors tree crashed down above his bedroom startling the shit out of me.
I was notified of our office power loss at zero-four-hundred and the broadcast close greeting came at zero-six. <lj user="galinda822"> called shortly after that to tell me that our secondary location had also lost power. So with almost no sleep and knowing that I'm going to have to go to work sometime today if they get power on, I got up dressing warmly and was unsuccessful in retrieving my gloves and ice scraper from inside my vehicle - the entire car was encased in ice under two-inches of snow which fell on top of that. I borrowed one from the neighbors to finally get it out and go both cars cleaned up and ready to go.
The neighbors and I cut up the branch which had fallen on the house. There was no damage.
We have a gas stove and though we can't use the oven because an electric ignition on it, we can still use the stovetop.
We're going to watch BSG tonight at galinda's. We'll see how it goes. I hope all of you guys are fairing far better than I.”

Transcribed by: ehowton
Tags: voice post

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