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Free Burrito

"Go." I said to Mr. Cluck, who scrawled '10:46' on a pad next to his phone.
"You'll never make it." He replied. "It's a 40 minute drive."
"It'll take me 15." I said. It took me 20.
I didn't push the Cav over 80 m.p.h. and didn't have to do much weaving on the way there. On the way back, however, I nullified both those statements. I wanted my fat little bastard to be good and hot by the time I stuffed that bitch in my mouth. My first Missouri Chipotle burrito.

It was 1105, they'd been open just five minutes. As galinda822 and I approached the entrance, the doors were opened for us and a third person was standing in the middle welcoming us and handing out fliers. "I've been waiting a year for this - who do I hug?" a young lady was offered, and as if she were the sacrificial virgin, I embraced her tightly. On to business.

I had my handcrafted burrito built in short order, and galinda followed my lead (minus the two scoops of the 'hot' salsa). We were back in the office at 1136. 54 miles & two burritos in 50 minutes.

Long live Chipotle!

Been watching House M.D. with the wife on the odd evening. I really dig the theme song. Looked it up last night on and discovered it was by Massive Attack. Out of curiosity I checked my sole Massive Attack album. Sure enough, it's on there. Teardrop. Thanks for suggesting them Andruid.

Taking my son to his first concert tonight. His elementary school is having its annual symphony, this one entitled, "A Martian Christmas." I tried to explain what it was he was asking me to take him to, and I don't really think he has a good understanding of what's going on, but I'll take him. We'll walk down there, stay awhile, and see what's what. I didn't know elementary schools had a symphony orchestra. I love the symphony, but I'm hoping I don't chew on my own tongue when I hear this one!
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