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Christmas Party

Our office shut down today at 1130 for its annual Christmas Party. The format was identical to last years, and it was at the same place we had it last year. Being armed with this information, I maneuvered just a little differently this year:

  1. DRINK MORE: Last year, our office arrived half an hour late and didn't get to enjoy the entire duration of the open bar, and once we went down to the formal lunch, there were no more drinks. This year, I managed to get the entire office there on time drinking three Scotches before they closed the bar, and taking a 4th to my table.
  2. EAT MORE APPETIZERS: I tried to fill up on the hors d'œuvre as the formal lunch itself is horrid. Tough pan-fried beast & chicken. The hors d'œuvre on the other hand were fantastic!
  4. It has been twelve months to the day since I last partook of the chocolate fountain. This time, I came prepared to face that chocolate fountain, and win. I may have rec'd some battle scars in the processes, but I gave it a go.

There was one constant: Sit betwix galinda822 and bigdog_etc. Always a good call. They do a great job of insulating me from myself after three drinks of scotch. There was also something new I tried that I will remember not to do next year - seeking out complete strangers to fill your table. Live & learn, I suppose.

Tags: cluck, galinda, stl
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