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A Word about BoohBah's from the Uninitiated

Posted on 2005.07.06 at 20:34
Current Music: BoohBah Happy Music
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EricHowton: http://pbskids.org/boohbah
EricHowton: That's what I'm doing now.
drax0r: what the fuck is that?
EricHowton: Boohbah
EricHowton: BooooooooooooBaaaaaaaaaaah
drax0r: what the fuck is that?
EricHowton: Nevermind.
EricHowton: It's kinda self-explanatory
drax0r: its fucking weird
drax0r: no it isn't - it makes zero sense whatsoever
EricHowton: It's a BoohBah!
EricHowton: Click the link, take a look.
drax0r: i went to the page. it melted my brain
EricHowton: lol
drax0r: that's why i said: what the fuck is that?
EricHowton: It's a television show for 2 year olds
EricHowton: On PBS.
EricHowton: anyway, lots of activities on http://pbskids.org/boohbah
drax0r: i don't think i'll be going back to that website
EricHowton: kk
drax0r: it was designed to enhance the LSD expierence

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