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Rebuilding Serenity

When I was a kid I always wanted an alarm clock that would wake me up to 97.1 KEGL. Unfortunately, what I really wanted was to we awaken by the music they played, not the commercial break or the 'morning show.' Perhaps that's the root of my hate for morning shows. You know what I like on my drive into work in the morning? Music.

Later in life I would choose 101.1 WRR classical as my station of choice - but commercials & talk were still an issue. Then came the CD alarm clock. I love the CD alarm clock. Unfortunately, my wife does not. This is due to the fact that once I find something soothing to awake to, I leave it that way...for years.

Woke up to Creating “Governing Dynamics” from A Beautiful Mind for over two years. For the last 18-months, however I've been awakening to Ice Dance from Edward Scissorhands. No more! The other day I downloaded something called 'Audacity' for OSX and removed The Funeral from the joined track, The Funeral/Rebuilding Serenity to wake only to the subtle tones of the latter.

How do you wake up?

I'm leaving for Wichita tomorrow for the next 10-days. While there I plan on hooking up with danzigfried for some Chipotle and Go Granny Go for some Spangles!

See you in 2007

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