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photogoot's Visit

Rec'd Terminal Velocity (I've listened to it twice now) and ordered The Pajama Game Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (thanks to lehah on those two!) and Done The Impossible: The Fans' Tale of Firefly & Serenity score. The former is the first time I've seen anything other than the Original Cast release. In fact, ages ago I created a cassette from the VHS just so I could have it. I mean, the Original Cast is great (many of them recreated their roles for the movie) but some of the songs were downright outstanding on the Soundtrack. Furthermore, its usually the Soundtrack which is missing songs from the stage production, but in this case, I really wanted "There Once Was a Man" which was on the Soundtrack only. The latter isn't sold by Amazon directly, rather a 3rd party with Amazon as a broker. We'll see.

photogoot will arrive in just five short days, and already I'm running low on scotch. Work has decided this MLK holiday (which our client observes as a holiday, and by extension, since we mimic our client's holiday's to afford coverage, we do to) would be a fantastic weekend to work! How fortunate for us! As manager of the department I began a grassroots uprising which was quelled almost immediately. We will be working this weekend. So to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together, galinda822 and I maneuvered to begin as early as possible Friday until of waiting after hours. We won that petition, which means I'll be able to pick up dear Goot upon his arrival with a zero-wait time. He will literally deplane, pick up his bag, walk out the door where I will be waiting. That being said, we have a rather dull itinerary this visit:

070112 - Game Night w/Galinda & Goot. We'll be dining on IMO's St. Louis Style pizza and playing Reminiscing, a game for people over 30. Probably while drinking local mulled wine and listening to world music.

070113 - Lazy Day. We're going to start out with Buckwheat pancakes & homemade syrup for breakfast. I'm sure the wife will come up with something to keep us entertained. Wife is making a crockpot of vegetable and quinoa stew for the evening meal, so we'll probably have a pretty relaxing day. That evening, with Goot in tow, I'll meet galinda at work to conclude our weekend's activities and Goot will get to meet bigdog_etc, aka, Mr. Cluck!

070114 - Arch Day. I'll fortify us with some vegetable omelettes before we hit the trail to downtown Saint Louis, the Gateway of the Midwest. Armed only with cameras, we'll wind our way through the historical area, taking snaps. Later, galinda has graciously offered to watch the children so my wife can join Goot & I for dinner at the Brewery in Laclede's Landing and some night shots of the Arch. We'll likely drain the remainder of the scotch this day.

070115 - Goot's Prerogative. What Goot wants, Goot gets.

I read to my little ones every night:

113/69 p63
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