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Close to You

Why does HIGGS!
Suddenly appear,
Every time
I start to fear.
Just like ME,
He hates XP
Use FreeBSD...

Wasted time today creating an auto-launching web-front end Solaris disk to follow up a minimum install. I'm building a web-server which will sit in the DMZ and they asked me to lock it down. Oh, I'm going to lock it down alright.

My buddy DALE GREEN is in town this weekend, so I'll try to see him Sunday evening -

My longtime friend DAVID EATHERLY is working today at the Cingular store and who walks in but Peter Mayhew! That's right boys and girls! Chewbacca himself!

Haven't heard from you in awhile; thought you might be dead, if that's not the case; get your ass outta bed!
Tags: david, poem, solaris, unix
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