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Tower of Power

Posted on 2007.01.18 at 19:39


photogoot at 2007-01-24 03:25 (UTC) (Link)

Re: I've got culture coming out of my ass.

The point, that I believe is lost here, can be discerned by examining some simple questions…

Why do some pilots choose to fly a bi-plane when a closed cockpit Cessna would do the job more efficiently, safer, and with less fuel.

The answer is style.

Why do some people choose to read a novel when they could easily watch the movie in less time?

The answer is style.

Why do some drivers choose to drive a 35 year old MG with a torn rag top and dull paint when a new Toyota Celica costs the same and is safer and more reliable?

The answer is style.

Why would a traveler choose a train trip that takes 10 times as long as an airline flight and costs 3 times as much money?

The answer is style.

What we did, we did for ourselves. We shared it. We reminisce in the joy it brought us. We appreciated that it was the highest evolution of what it was. It was a goal achieved. The tower of power is a symbol of these things and more to us.

Why do some men listen and some men who have perfect ears never hear?

The answer is style my friends, the answer is style.
ehowton at 2007-01-24 04:01 (UTC) (Link)

Re: I've got culture coming out of my ass.

You know, before I bought my car, I was considering the Aston Martin Vanquish, but when I tallied up total cost of ownership, the Cavalier just seemed a better value.
photogoot at 2007-01-24 04:05 (UTC) (Link)

Re: I've got culture coming out of my ass.

And you knew the answer before you began tallying the cost, yet you considered it anyway.


The answer my friend is style...
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