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Non-osmatic, semi-permiable, non-nutritive cereal varnish

Since the snow last month, my wife purchased some sleds for the kids when it snowed again. Today was that day. We broke them out and the children screamed with glee as they made their way down the gentle slope in our back yard. Received a call from my wife's cousin in Wichita telling stories of an inch of snow per hour. They ended up with eight-inches. We got two.

Niobe enjoys the fresh snowfall.

Later, we all had a snowball fight. I secured my defensive point, quickly assembled an arsenal, and owned! There's no snow in the 10-day forecast, but around here you never know.

My car makes a great fortification and keeps ammo at an easy reach.

The insurance adjuster showed up early Saturday morning, did his thing and left. I'm expecting a check in the mail for the damages.

Unsheathed the grill - there was no damage, so grilled chicken quesadilla's for dinner. That's not the first time I've grilled in the snow.

Spent the remainder of the day camped out on the couch.
Tags: kids, snow, stl

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