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Lady In The Water

I caught the last half hour or so of Lady in the Water my wife had recorded from Pay Per View last week. I was so enamored with the score that I listened to the soundtrack day and night for two days. Tonight, I decided to watch the movie in its entirety, and was not disappointed. The characters were very well portrayed and the actors well cast. Paul Giamatti did a particularly good job - something I wasn't quite expecting from him. And M. Night Shyamalan had more than just a cameo in this one; he brought innocence to the part. I've only seen two of his movies. One I greatly enjoyed (The Sixth Sense) and one I did not (Unbreakable.) And though this one was slow-paced, the dialog really made the movie, as did the score. A great score alone can make a mediocre movie into a good one. I use as my single example of this Cutthroat Island in which John Debney's score managed to salvage from B-Movie status for me.

While I may choose to never watch the movie again, the recurring themes (which I so enjoy) were well placed and enhanced my enjoyment of the movie overall. Furthermore, I now have the rise and fall of emotions to accompany the score when I listen to it again.
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