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I know 17 of the 38 people on my friends list in real life.
I've known 1 person for 24 years, 3 I've known more than 10 years, and 4 for 8 years.
I'll likely meet 6 others on my friends list in real life within the next year.
I've friended people who are ideologically/politically/demographically different than myself because I enjoy their unique perspectives.
I've friended people I think are far more intelligent than me because I enjoy learning from them.
I've pissed people off on my friends list by being banal & by use of my unique idioms.
I do not celebrate diversity by virtue of simply being different, but I do appreciate diverse people who bring creativity & intellect to the table.
I am extremely long suffering and never hold a grudge.
However, I deplore rudeness.

Went shopping for the score to Pan's Labyrinth but couldn't find it anywhere.

The comic book store called me to pick up my last five issues of BSG. I haven't read them yet.

Stopped by a demographically challenged liquor store on a whim and spoke to the proprietor. Asked if he had any single malt scotch. His eyes lit up and he took me into the back, behind a roped off area, and showed me his stock. Every single bottle of scotch I'd ever heard of was there, and quite a few I hadn't. The prices were unbelievably low. He suggested to me a 12-year bottle of Glenlivet as my daily drink ($29.99) and a 16-year old bottle of Lagavulin for the low, low price of $79.99. I saw a bottle of Oban, which had been suggested to me by a friend, and a bottle of Isle of Jura, which was suggested to me by lehah (Thanks!) I chose the latter as it was surprisingly only $24.49. My wife was disappointed I didn't by a more expensive bottle (which surprised me!)

I slept 10-hours last night.

photogoot is due back in town tomorrow.

I wish you all a fantastic evening and a great week next week.
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