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The -P flag is what took me an hour to find. That and the fact that all documentation told me not to use the mount_nfs command, rather it would be called by the mount command. Ever since my E250 was hacked by Taiwanese spammers, I've kept my Solaris box locked down pretty tight - and having been away from the operating system for about a year, I was dumbfounded when I was allowed to share my filesystem but rpcinfo showed nothing. I'd also never before run a showmount command with the -e option. Very cool.

It took me equally as long to NFS mount my OSX box to my Solaris box last month, and ever since my MySql fiasco, I've been wanting to create a backup of my data. You don't just hot-plug a USB DVD burner into a Solaris box. I needed a solution and settled on NFS, but that damn -P option took me way too long. Perhaps its because its too late?

Either way, I'm recording this for my own benefit (as well as yours, gentle reader, should you decide to follow me down this path):

sudo mount_nfs -P quark:/opt/csw/apache/htdocs /Volumes/quark

I ordered Pan's Labyrinth today from Amazon, as neither galinda822 nor I could find it anywhere locally. Currently, I'm listening to the score from the webpage. Anyway, seeing how its already tomorrow, I'm going to bed.

Good night!
Tags: mount, nfs, osx

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