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Sheep Dip

My eyes are burning. I'm tired at the end of a busy day, doing mostly mundane things, but things which needed to be done. All that nonsense is behind me now and perhaps tomorrow I can do nothing at all - my usual weekend goal.

When I awoke this morning I turned to my wife and said, "I haven't made burgers in a good long time." That was all it took - after breakfast I packed up the kids to buy 2-lbs of fresh ground sirloin. In between I filled up with gas, washed the car, bought a log of scooby-snack, and two boomerangs for the children we later threw around the park before I dropped them off at their friend's house. With the children gone my wife and I moved & assembled the rest of their bedroom in the basement (where they've been sleeping on just their mattresses since the tree fell through the root) and then tended to the vehicles getting them ready for this next week. Once I was cleaned up, I began the careful selection of ingredients which were to be mixed into the sirloin, lit the grill, and seared the perfectly-formed patties with a good side of smoke, basting mine in Tabasco's Chipotle sauce. With the sliced onion, tomatoes & sharp cheddar cheese on the toasted buns & the burgers fresh off the grill, they were, in a word, perfect. You can't buy burgers like that. The children arrived with three other neighborhood friends so I grilled them up two packages of dogs which were quickly devoured.

Afterwards, I hit PX Liquors where I bought another bottle of Isle of Jura (which the wife enjoys) and a bottle of Sheep Dip, an 8-year-old bottle of scotch which came recommended due to its 'unique' flavor. I'm all about unique. I will shortly update my spreadsheet and edit my previous entry with my findings. Fixed my neighbor's printer between glasses of scotch, read to the children, and put them to bed.

Worked tirelessly on my "Best of 2006" soundtrack CD - adding one of the few title tracks on there, "Long, Long Time Ago" from Pan's Labyrinth which I rec'd in the mail today, deleting one track, and replacing one with another from Casino Royale. I also chose to add a track from the DVD Done The Impossible which wasn't even a released documentary, but did have an accompanying soundtrack. I also decided to add Track 17 "Prelude to War" from Battlestar Galactica Season Two. All this and I'm still only 45 minutes into my 80-minute compilation. I've been working on this for months, re-listening to some scores with a very critical ear. Its exhausting, and I love every minute of it.

I turn into a pumpkin at midnight.
Tags: eats, grill, music, scotch

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