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A Day Without Snow

stty erase ^? Are you kidding me? I haven't typed that up in so long, I forgot the syntax. I stopped at 'stty space' and thought, wtf? That's right, we're talking Solaris 2.5.1 here. Old Skool. And just between us, I haven't used telnet since...2001? Ooooh - then I used ftp to pull the file over! How crazy is that?

I got about two hours of sleep last night and downed a 16-ounce Bawls on my way in to lay the ground work for my coffee this morning. Sure that's overkill, but I'm a man of excesses. Its a gift...and a curse. I'm already sick to my stomach. I have learned, however, that with enough coffee in my system, I am able to fold time. Now that's a pretty cool trick! If only I could learn to go back in time to correct mistakes I've made instead of only folding time forward...

Purchased Lady in the Water score this weekend. I'll likely listen to it until I get downright sick of it. My son spent the last half of his BORDER'S gift card Christmas gift from galinda822 on Miss Bindergarten Has a Wild Day in Kindergarten. He loves it, and in retrospect I think help offset the cost of my CD by about seventy cents. Bonus! Anyway - as I was coming in early, and it was dark and quiet...I finally got to listen to and enjoy the first track (its a quiet piece and no where at work, home, or in the car is usually quiet). This got me longing for my hour and a half commutes again. Yes I hated them at the time, but with the Infinity system in the Sebring LXi and 75 miles to wake up to rousing music with a travel mug of coffee as your only friend...Ah, and because it was so early it took me 9 minutes instead of 11 to get here this morning.

Worked from home yesterday and took the boy to the doctor while my wife went to her scheduled appointment. Spent a lot of time chatting up galinda822 on instant messenger during an attack of email over which I was victorious. Weilding my wit as a sword and my staff's knowledge as armor, I fought off the electronic mail and those evildoers behind the flood of messages.

Ordered Oscar soundtrack (Elmer Bernstein) and Gorky Park (James Horner). My father had the latter on vinyl and I'm looking forward with great anticipation to them both. Oscar was panned by the critics, but I always enjoyed it - and the interweaving of the score with the operatic selections chosen. Manifique!

My wife is so sweet - I asked her to put a CD in teh max0r so I could rip it remotely and pull the files over to my computer at work. I got home later that night and found the empty CD case next to the computer. Later, when she came down to the office, she asked me about it. "Where's the CD?" I asked her? She pointed to my Solaris server. What a sweetheart, she is, really.

This was my first entry using Semagic. Thanks to somebritinmass for the reality check below. Looks like I'm right on target!

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