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Burned an episode of Hyperdrive onto DVD for celtmanx who had me Tivo it. It was fantastic. "Ed" from Shaun of the Dead was the commander (Nick Frost). I loved it. If I find a box set, I think I'll pick it up.

Listened to a lot of Christopher Young & Marco Beltrami this weekend, but did not get my two new scores yet from BSX. After watching Clerks II (which was really pretty good) I popped in a CD I haven't listened to in years, Smashing Pumpkin's two-disc Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness. Excellent, excellent, excellent!

Drank some most fantastic Warsteiner. That made me happy, then again, it almost always does.

I found that under the circumstances of a self-imposed disengagement from real-life, funny things sometimes happen. I went through phases of self-doubt (a damn rare thing for me), exhilaration (another oddity), boredom, restlessness, despair, and joy. Perhaps it was the lack of proper sleep, or the skewed sleep-scheduled. It could also be attributed to the scotch. Either way, a very interesting and rewarding weekend.

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