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Eric Downtown

Two Old Men, Volume 4

Posted on 2007.02.26 at 09:19


prog_guy69 at 2007-02-27 18:43 (UTC) (Link)
Holy crap! That was a lot of comments. My turn. The comic strip was funny. Yes. Yes. Yes. But I have something completely off-subject, yet very important to ask.

Cyn and I were planning the route from Frisco to Connecticut and found the best way (for us) is through St. Louis! Rock! Anyway, we wanted to know how long it takes to drive from Dallas to St. Louis. Our path takes us through St. Louis; Indianapolis; Columbus, OH; Cleveland; Buffalo; Albany and finally Enfield, CT. We are hoping to make it to Indianapolis the first day, but we don't know long the trip is. Unfortunately, we will be in a bit of a hurry to get there, but We will be coming back the same way and will have more time to enjoy the drive.

If you could let me know how long the trip between St. Louis and Dallas is, I would greatly appreciate it. With luck, we will get to meet in person before baby Halsell is born. :-)


ehowton at 2007-02-27 19:58 (UTC) (Link)
Fantastic news sir!

As I understand it, I-35 to OKC & I-44 to STL is approximately 10-hours. However, I've never taken that route, as my wife has family in Wichita. We always take I-35 to Wichita, then I-70 to STL. From Fort Worth to Wichita is under 6 hours, and from Wichita to STL is just under seven.

When you come I'll have galinda822 with me as well!

Good hunting, sir!
prog_guy69 at 2007-02-27 20:09 (UTC) (Link)
I wonder if taking 75 to 44 to St. Louis would be any faster. My Dad was from Southeast Kansas, so I know we've made a portion of that drive, but the last time was several years before I learned to drive. :-)

I look forward to meeting you both (and the Mrs.).
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