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Disarm you with a smile

Another 2-hours of sleep last night as well. Not to worry though, I took an hour nap from 1830-1930 yesterday. I have no idea what's wrong with me. So, since Monday morning I've had 5 and a half hours of sleep. TODAY IS WEDNESDAY PEOPLE! I thought I was going to fall over this morning looking at the computer screen. I mean, my head is straight and forward, my body is straight in my chair, my monitor and chair are plumb...and yet I had the illusion I was sitting at a 30-degree angle. Of course it could have been that I had fallen asleep and not known it. I wouldn't put that past me today.

And cut you like you want me to...

Ok, here's how it went down: I show up at David and Wendy's after being away two weeks. This is one of the flop houses I stay at during my house sabbatical. Well, it's a 4000sq/ft hacienda if you ask me. Anyway, Wendy competed in the World Series Poker Championship in Vegas finishing 125th of 2019 participants. When I congratulate her, I tell her I was bragging to Tony about her success, as he wants to now be a professional poker player - I mention his new obsession Tuesday, July 5th entry 'Online poker, or how i learned to stop worrying and love the flop' with Texas Hold'em. I also admit that I learned that particular game the night before playing with him and his roommate, Andy. A queer glint in her eye and she asks, "Do you want to play tonight? Can you call him? Can you call him NOW? Tell him to bring his roommate too!" And that's exactly what transpired. It was a lot of fun. Especially watching Tony and her compare poker books, DVD's, and chat about players and their strategy's and personalities.

Cut that little child...

Off-site client's users couldn't connect to their samba share after the AGLO domain migration, so he gives me a call. "What server?" I ask.
"SERVER1." he replies. I log in.

ps -aef | grep smb (not running)
/etc/rc3.d/S90samba start
ps -aef | grep smb (not running)
find / -name smb.conf (not found)

"Sir," I begin, "I don't want to embarrass you, or myself, but was samba ever running on this box?
"No." He tells me.

This is the single most difficult time for me, when I'm on the phone with my clients.
I have absolutely NO IDEA what to say here. Silence. Lots of silence.

(...time passes)

"The box I am logged into now. Why am I here?" I ask.
"This is the NIS server." He beams.

(...time passes)

"Why did you have me log into the NIS server?" I inquire.
"I don't know."

Inside of me and such a part of you...
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