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Saved the day late last night when the Project Manager working overnight with the vendor to migrate a system from Solaris 2.5.1 to Windows Server 2003 noticed the hardware changed from differential SCSI to Single Ended and they didn't have the right terminator. I was able to come up with a 50-pin terminator which, upon delivery the Project Manager announced, "I will never again make fun of you for being a unix geek." What can I say, I'm a hardware pack rat.

drax0r thought that Teen Wolf was Back to the Future II.

We've recently switched teleconferencing vendors and I'm sitting in the boardroom eating the last meeting's left over muffins with galinda822 while we're "troubleshooting" video quality by dancing like monkey's in front of the high-definition camera. This is mostly boring, but it does give me time to post, and anything which needs to be done is more fun doing with galinda822.

I accidentally added a misspelled word to my personal dictionary in Firefox. After I discovered how to back this out, I noticed several other words I had accidentally added as well. Further investigation reveals that in the Firefox spell check menu, 'Add to dictionary' is directly under the suggested words. This is not a problem unless the word is so close that there is only one suggestion, making it quite easy to accidentally add the word instead of correct it. I now have a file in my home directory with these instructions in case this happens again, and I'm sure it will.

Recently had a conversation with crowy concerning the movie Madagascar. My wife always felt that the 'psychotic penguins' were the embodiment of myself, drax0r, and our two other co-workers, Bill & Mississippi. I was asked, "Which one does your wifethink you are, Eric?"

Predominately, Bill transcends the role of "Skipper", though he and Mississippi both could vie for the "Rico" role, and while Mississippi, drax0r and I all have our "Kowalski" moments, that role in her mind is Mississippi through-and-through. That leaves drax0r as "Rico," and myself as "Private." Its not flattering, but we accomplish much together as a team.

I noticed that the new 2008 Altima Coupe seems to based upon the current Infinity G35.

They opened the new Chiptole close to my house today. Mr. Cluck got a free burrito. I envy his burrito. 50 hours so far this week. I require sleep.

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