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Knight of the Woeful Countenance

Hail, Knight of the Woeful Countenance,
Knight of the Woeful Countenance!
Wherever you go
People will know
Of the glorious deeds
Of the Knight of the Woeful Countenance!

What a fantastic day today turned out to be! DST not only kicked my ass in its preparation last week, but it snuck up on me again last night and bit me square in the ass. I was unable to go to sleep until midnight, after sleeping 12-hours the night before and spending the evening at the neighbors house updating their computers. I spent the evening in bed with my Vaio UX280P, updating avatars and chatting with photogoot. I even installed Photoshoo Elements on the tiny computer to assist my laying-in-bed photo editing. I'm sure going to miss that little toy. If I had that back when I was a unix system administrator, I wouldn't have ever needed to even leave my bed to fix problems in the middle of the night. How cool is that?

Farewell and good cheer
Oh my brave cavalier
Ride onward to glorious strife.
I swear when you're gone
I'll remember you well
For all of the rest of my life.

I have my blood work tomorrow, and my blood pressure is high despite the medication here lately. I really need to get my fat ass back up on that treadmill. I've been concentrating on my diet, but I need to step it up. Watching BSG now, so as to afford an early bedtime. I'm ready for some catch-up sleep. At any rate, woke up early despite my late bedtime and remained fuzzy a good part of the morning until some coffee slapped me across the face and kept me running until close to the end of the business day. Oh you darkest of roasts - fill me with your lifeforce!

I'm greatly enjoying the performance by the guest star on BSG. Outstanding. Everything they've done with his character, they've done right. The actors mannerisms & expressions are perfect compliments to the lines they've given him. Outside of Dean Stockwell, he may be my new favorite guest star. And I really enjoy how the Colonial Marines on this show are so very authentic Marines. Semper Fi.

Hail, Knight of the Woeful Countenance,
Knight of the Woeful Countenance
Fare to the foe,
They will quail at the sight
Of the Knight of the Woeful Countenance!
Oh valorous Knight,
Go and fight for the right,
And battle all villains that be,
But oh, when you do,
What will happen to you
Thank God I won't be there to see!
Tags: man of la mancha, vaio

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