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Fluffernutter with Fries

The Rack is Back! Special thanks to unixwolf and drax0r for finding, coordinating, and retrieving my beloved Sun rack. Thank you, thank you, thank you! In fact, this was pivotal in my latest decision - I was asked if I wanted the Sun Ultra 60 in a deskside or rack-mount option. I don't have to tell you which one I chose. Mr. Maddog is being quite generous...

In other cool news, I was able to work ceaselessly online with Sprint's new mobile broadband USB modem plugged directly into the UX280P. What an awesome tool to have! Granted the modem is fully 1/5 the size of the Vaio, but it works so well, and with the USB port out of the way, its truly the mating of the two which allows me to reach geekdom. Pictures to follow.

Speaking of pictures, dear irulan_amy has conspired with my interests, blog entries, and um...sarcasm, to create two unique icons for me:

I love them both, thank you!

After a busy day at work (and being an hour off all day due to setting all my devices except the UX280P to EDT, photogoot began to arrange logistics for our meeting this evening. He drove to Union Station (I was working across the street at the Hall of the States) where we dined at the same restaurant he and his (then) wife took my wife and I for dinner the day we were married. I had the fajitas (right next to the fluffernutter with fries on the menu). We came back to the hotel with some Yuengling beer, where we caught up on some visiting until he drank so much he began making overtures to galinda822 then passed out.

Just like old times...
Tags: dc, photogoot, ton-o-comments, vaio

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