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I've returned from DC, once again with a tale to tell. The last time I was here, I was afforded a stay at the monumental Washington Hilton, where President Ronald Reagan was shot in an attempted assassination. This time, I was not afforded such affluence, ending up in the hotel in which crack-smoking Mayor Marion Barry was arrested with a prostitute in the very seedy hood of South Capitol. The KFC/Taco Bell establishment next door had a counter completely surrounded by bullet-proof glass, and food was served through a similarly configured safety box. Most unsettling. And unlike most cities where the North/South, East/West demarcation lines are other, usually primary roadway, this street was divided by the Capitol itself, a logistical nightmare to navigate. Next time, I'm staying at the George, across the street from the Hall of the States, where I worked. The good news was that I saved myself a four-hour round trip to the VP's house in Mclean, but Friday was no wash either as I was there much later than I had anticipated.

I had mentioned to photogoot that not only was I planning on doing very little over the weekend, I also reminded him that I didn't expect him to entertain me 24 hours a day while I was there. It turns out he took my request to heart and ignored me Friday and Saturday, spending most of his day napping in front of the television. But seriously, we had dinner at a Tex-Mex & Authentic Spanish restaurant which was quite nice, replete with the left-over Asian wall art of the Chinese Take-Out place it replaced six months ago. The place was packed. Later, we shopped for Scotch. We visited the same friendly Indian gentlemen from my first visit there and found a Dalmore Cigar Malt. I've been wanting to try the Dalmore, but I'd never before seen the Cigar Malt variant. Though it struck me as gimmicky, it had quite the bold and unique taste, and yes, we had it with an Arturo Fuente. However, since this was an unknown variable, so photogoot chose to also purchase a Glendfiddich. How very awesome of him! I'd wanted to try the Glenfiddich 15-year (Solera Reserve) recommended by bsdcat, alas, they did not carry it.

During our extended lounging period at the house, and for reasons I cannot recall, I chose to change the colors on my site. The current scheme was initially created to emulate a VT100 green terminal console. That's why, when it came time to create the links color, I chose amber, the only other VT100 terminal color. I don't remember why (and it was no doubt due to photogoot's persistence) I swapped my colors, creating an amber site with green links. No one liked it.

At one point Friday, I was trying to download drivers from Sprint's web page. I couldn't find any. Perplexed, I made a few calls. Four of them in fact, all to Sprint. And was transferred no less than six times. Most of the people I spoke to didn't know what a device driver was. I explained, "You sell equipment which requires operating system drivers in order for them to work. There is no link to these drivers on your page." Finally, I reached a salesman who gave me the following link: "Thank you," I began." "This solves all of my issues but one. Why do you not link them to Sprint's webpage?"
"I don't know." He responded.

Sunday we took a drive out to Solomon Island where we didn't just talk the talk, we walked the walk. It was the perfect end to a perfect visit. Thank you.


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