ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

Hampton Roads

Newport News, Virginia 1993

Two white trashbags sitting next to the trashcan in the kitchen. I pull the bag from the trashcan, tie it up, replace it, and take all three bags to the dumpster, which is promptly emtpied at noon. Fast forward nine hours later when photogoot and I arrive home. "Where's my cleaning supplies?" he asks.
"What cleaning supplies?"
"I was cleaning out the truck this weekend and put all my cleaning supplies in the kitchen."
"You didn't happen to put them in a white trash bag and set them next to the trashcan did you?"

  • For the first time since 1998, my cholsterol & triglycerides are normal.

  • drax0r's server has crashed a disc so my pics are all offline, as well as my banner picture and background. I have a backup of some of them, but to move them to lj, I'd have to sift through 465 entries and edit all my URL's.

  • I've been reading the Avatar series to my son. One book for each Nation. They make me want to buy the DVD box set.

  • My wife is still sleeping off the after effects off last night. I was swimming in a sea of boobs. I had no objection whatsoever.

  • Then entirety of my glans received a chemical burn last night in the hot tub due to over-chlorinated water. Not something you want to happen, believe you me. I'll take the hit for the team, so to speak by admitting it here. Please consider this my attempt at a public service announcement.

  • The QuikTrip bottle of Spicy Chipotle sauce for $3.99 (no refridgeration needed) is the perfect accompanyment for just about everything.

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