ehowton (ehowton) wrote,


Armed solely with your imagination
You prepare yourself for conquest
From within the confines of your psyche
You alone control the context

More wondrous than reality
As powerful your thoughts command
Truly fantastic your charge can be
Your every desire at your demand

Gird thy staff!
Cyclic preparation for war
Unhinge your mind
Batten down for more

Emotions run high
Consumed by resolution
Sealing the deal
The act itself your absolution

Teeth clamped tight in force
Moist upon your brow
Your entire body tingles
Guiding forth your prow

Mind's eye supplies the storyline
A rich and colorful tapestry
The victor of every appropriation
Affecting your own causality

Wave after wave of release
Volume above and beyond
For to give unconditionally's fulfilling
Your helmet of suppression donned

To only give pleasure to others
Your animalistic urges contained
Is much more reward than deserved
And often cannot be explained

But when you deny yourself even in dreams
Fantasies which you control
Then multiplied is your pleasure
Exponentially mitigating console

Do unto others as a rule
Expect nothing in return
Ten thousand religions speak it
Not one of them follows in turn

But experience has well taught me
Truer words were never spoken
I live a selfless existence
And my happiness remains unbroken
Tags: poem
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