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I'm working from home most of this week. Half a day today, half a day tomorrow, then probably a full day either Thursday or Friday. Today I worked the first half of the day, from 0800-1200. Called HR, submitted my expense report for the last trip to D.C., reinstalled kubuntu and left the Windows Tech's instruction on how to copy using a blocking tar to recover Outlook .pst files at or near the 2GB limit, and packed up my remaining personal effects. Tomorrow, if all goes well, I'll get my IBM T-60 and blow away the SOE and install the operating system the way I see fit.

Once the noon hour hit, galinda822 and I concluded my day with one last scooby-snack and I hit the road. Walgreens for some Vitamin C drops, cough drops, and Cold-Eze as I've got a quickly developing sore throat I don't need, dry cleaners to pick up the Korean mink blankets I'll be sleeping between on my cot for the next six weeks or so, and Auto Zone to pick up my wife's replacement tailgate lifts. Let me tell you a little something about those. I usually don't do my own work. Not only do I rarely have the time, I certainly don't have the aptitude. I really, really suck at doing anything useful around the house. My wife knows this, and has accepted it. About six months ago, the lifts to the tailgate on her wagon stopped working, and that's a real pain in the ass. Since I'm leaving her here, I thought the least I could do was get them replaced. I took the car to the Saturn dealership this weekend. $60 per rod (there's two) and two hours labor replacement ($120). Hrm. $240. I drove down instead to Auto Zone and ordered both lifts for $40. They came in today. It took me a total of 45 seconds to replace them. Two hours labor my ass! I feel...accomplished.

BAM! Back on the road. First to the mini-storage to remove my boxes and close the account. Then on to Wal-Mart to pic up my wife's pictures. Busy, busy day. That and checking work emails & SameTime on & off all day...I'm ready for a nap. I talked to photogoot, drax0r, and jaceman today as well (in that order). Tomorrow, it all begins over again with a first scooby-snack of the day with galinda822.
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