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Posted on 2007.04.16 at 22:00


snapper521 at 2007-05-24 19:39 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Pogonotrophy:

It sounds awesome honestly.

I have cousins in Houston, and I've heard tales, but I guess Dallas doesn't sound to bad. :-)

How much of a bi-lingual issue is it? Population being about 50/30/20 white/mexican/black? or more like 50/45/5.
leonardii at 2007-06-06 01:10 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Pogonotrophy:

If you've got cousins in Houston, tell them to take a look at my website:

I can offer them substantial savings on their electric bill. Just have them give me a call.

Jesse Miller
Home number: 972-722-9678
Mobile number: 972-983-5225

If they are using TXU or Reliant for their electric service provider, tell them I can save them a bundle of cash each month if they would switch to Stream Energy. It's a great company - a Top Tier -1 business, which basically means they have the power and money to buy electricity directly from the "grid" which supplies power to all of Texas.

I would appreciate the referrals.


As for the bilingual language here in Dallas, we have quite a few Hispanics which speak native Spanish. we also have a diverse population of Russians, Jews, Eastern Europeans, Italians, Orientals of all types (Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc.).

Dallas is full of different people, but I would say Houston has a greater population of native Spanish speaking Hispanics.
snapper521 at 2007-06-07 16:35 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Pogonotrophy:

Bi-Lingual: Interesting. *thinking face*

Referrals: Will do, next time I see them/talk to them. :-)
leonardii at 2007-06-07 21:02 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Pogonotrophy:

Great. In the meantime, you can give them my website:

They can view the 5 minute video presentation. If they are interested in becoming part of the business - we have thousands of houston Directors that would be glad to show your family a proper/more detailed presentation of how the organization works.

However - if they are only interestd in saving money on their electric bill, just have them give me call. My number is also on my webpage that I just gave you.
snapper521 at 2007-06-08 23:10 (UTC) (Link)

Re: family/electric

I rarely see them or talk to them. So my previous answer still applies. :-) When I see them, I'll give them that information.
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