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In preparation for moving, the_max0r, my mac mini, as well as quark, what you know as will be going offline today, until approximately the 1st week of April. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. My primary XP box is also going down, in preparation for !SMACKAGE! once I arrive in Texas.

No one, of course, is more affected by this than me. I'm losing my iTunes database (which I cannot connect to my laptop as the drive is HFS formatted), and my beloved Gallery. This will of course affect some of the entries on my livejournal, as well as other shares I have on outside forums. My DSL will be active, however until Friday, the 27th, as I will have my laptop up and running until then.

So far, I have three days to have my P.O.D.S. delivered and loaded, the hitch put on the Cav and the trailer attached, and the DSL and alarm system turned off. I have to have the phone turned off and get my wife a cell phone. I also require an oil change and a brake job. Lots yet do, in so little time. I pack the car Thursday evening, I'm off to Wichita Friday morning, and in Texas Saturday afternoon.

In other news danzigfried is sending me the DVD Box set of Hyperdrive. How cool is that? I know celtmanx will enjoy it, and I can't wait to unveil this to drax0r. Thanks danzig, that's an awesome surprise!

Little girl is ill. Based on her symptoms and the run-time the entire family experienced while she was gone, she'll be better tomorrow. Concerning, however, the maturity level of boys vs. girls, I can now definitively add this to my findings: My 7-year old boy held the 'barf bucket' in his hands as he vomited all over the floor. My 4-year old daughter, however, had a much shorter learning curve, using it immediately upon my explanation of what it was for, and how to use it. Far less mess.

I suppose I really ought to sign off now, and pull the plug on my servers.
Tags: kids, movies, stl, unix

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