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With the IBM laptop tucked neatly away in its bag adjacent the AirCard where it belongs, I finally put my interim office together! I'm running the Mac & the XP box off a 'flip' KVM and have my Solaris server up and running (give DNS a couple of days to propagate). As everything I own is in storage, and having used two dissimilarly sized filing cabinets and a closet door as my last 'desk' (with the rack-mount Solaris box between the shorter filing cabinet and the closet door) at my last office, I finally bit the bullet and purchased a 6' table from Sam's. This is something I will be able to use over and over. All-in-all, very adequate. drax0r set his desk up the day before, ensuring the cable modem was to his standards (3.7mbps down) and rebroadcasting wireless throughout the house. We're back-to-back in the dining room 'office.' It's nice to have iTunes back.



drax0r discovered the Anna, TX forums - so we've both been active on there. Kinda getting to know your neighbors in a creepy online sort of way. they even have separate forums for each subdivision in town - lots of chatter on there. Anna also appears to be the single seller of liquor in the county. Nice! Though via the forums, we've discovered them to be the bane of the residents, after visiting a few of them, I've noticed that the exclusivity of them in the county, plus the sheer number of them in this small town, makes for very competitive pricing. I bought a new bottle of Scotch at a fantastic price, and will be updating my Scotch Review with it shortly, as well as two others I have yet to add, the Glenfiddich 15, and the bottle of Glenmorangie 12 drax0r presented to me upon my arrival.

crowy prepared a fantastic dinner of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and green beans for dinner this evening. I tired to make a gravy out of the drippings, but it turned out to be more oil than broth and didn't turn out. Despite lack of gravy on the meal, everything was eaten. Last night was her famous spaghetti, spoiled by the addition of too much crushed red pepper. Oddly enough, it was all eaten as well! The kitchen is spacious enough for multiple cooks; a wonderful change from my last place of residence. Soon, the grill will come...

I hope you all are doing well and having a fantastic evening!
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