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Let's have no undue fussing.

The blogs are dead tonight.

Of course it is Friday night and most people have something to do, places to go and people to see. Not me. Not yet.

The wife has departed STL and is currently in Wichita. She'll be here tomorrow. I bumped our hotel reservations a day up; we'll be staying two nights instead of one. Perfect.

drax0r's cat Az, and Daisy continue to fight. Az has claws, and Daisy does not. Daisy has the mouth of a Grizzly though. Someone's claws punctured the air mattress I sleep on until my bed arrives, and no amount of duct tape has been able to keep it completely filled. This makes for difficult sleeping.

In the interim, crowy and I are sitting back-to-back on the computers, drinking beer and listening to the Firefly & Serenity scores. I bet she hates me. I don't have a favorite track. I got all teary-eyed wanting to listen to Done the Impossible soundtrack, but I don't keep physical CD's I own on iTunes. Then it struck me - I keep that one online! I download it, and am complete once again. I think I'll add it to my iPod just in case.

Last night was my 'sleep night.' Par for the course, it didn't happen. I tossed and turned for several hours on that deflated mattress, before getting up at 0300. My boss asked, "Why were up at three?"
"I had to use the restroom," I told her. "Thank you for asking." I think I slept pretty good between 0300 and 0500 , but we had a production server go down at 0510, and I got the call five minutes later. It's been a long time since I had to sit blurry eyed in front of a VPN session trying to bring a downed Sun server back up. We lost a disc. Thank goodness it was Solstice Disk Suite, as I know that quite well. I don't know Veritas. I removed the metadatabases on the failed drive and booted off the mirror - which started spewing disc errors upon boot. *sigh* Hopefully it will stay up all weekend long. I'll attend to it next week. I had the new drives delivered to the plant this evening just in case. I didn't get to work until 1230.

I have a hankering to watch Firefly and Serenity again. I sent them to MADDOG while I was in STL. I was supposed to meet him for dinner after work and pick up the netra, but he canceled early this morning. Fine with me, I was exhausted. I think I'll name my new server, Serenity. I am such a geek. Someday, I'd like to run ubuntu server, but I know no operating system as well as I know Solaris.

They didn't call
For the story of a big damn heroes
But we needed to know
What happens after Jubal Early
We couldn't let them fall
So we went in together
And no power in the 'Verse
Can stop us now
Browncoats have done the impossible
Welcome to Serenity...

schpydurx has been on my ass to explain exactly what I meant concerning The Illusionist and The Prestige. Well, it's kind of like this: Everyone remembers, Armageddon, Red Planet, and Dante's Peak. They were good flicks. Simultaneously released, similar event films that sucked, include Deep Impact, Mission to Mars, and Volcano respectively. I wanted to see The Prestige. What a cast! When my wife accidentally recorded, The Illusionist, I watched it begrudgingly, but it turned out to be a much better movie than the former. I don't know why studios choose to compete this way.

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