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Concurrence & Dissidence

My weekend, by all accords, rox0red! It was everything I hoped it would be, and some. I also got 12 hours of sleep. Hooray me. Our first dinner was as the much anticipated Armondo's (Decatur's de-facto Mexican diniing establishment) followed by an evening of meals & visiting at my folks house. It was nice to have the family back together again. Almost. My son, whom I've almost forotten I sired, is in Wichita with his maternal grandmother for two weeks. His arrival will mark the sixth week I have not seen him.
We have lots of catching up to do.

Then I got locked out of the house with two screaming cats, a screaming wife, a screaming baby, and two befuddled parents who had driven the 90 minutes to see the house we were going to have built, after I unloaded the car. Which I couldn't do. Because I couldn't get in. My stress level peaked that day. drax0r left his ailing wife's side to bail me out. I immediately made three copies of the key, and secured one in my anal cavity just in case.
I wasn't going to let this happen again.

The model home was beauttiful, yes, but it just seemed to me that I was settling for something just because something else wasn't available. That's when I found the 3000 sq/ft single-story home in Melissa. Its a damn rare thing to find that size home in a subdivision). Unfortunately, it was $230k, out of my price range. Bolstered however, from this discovery, I was bound and determine to persevere, and find its closest counterpart.
At a price whcih wouldn't make me cringe.

My wife then redefined the haus that drax0r built. She did more in 5 hours than we were able to get done in the preceding 4 weeks.
Minus moving all this heavy shit from all over the metroplex to this location, that is.

I was called into work to swap a failed drive. I hadn't done Solstice Disk Suite in nearly two full years. And this on a production server! I was a little nervous, but it all went according to plan.
Albeit not as in timely a manner as I would have prefered.

There are five cats in this house, and they're driving me insane. Az, Alice, Daisy, Niobe & Trinity. Az & Daisy have never gotten along, the entire six months they were living together previously. Niobe & Trinity are of course from the same litter, and have each other to play with...until they were separated for a month. Now they hiss at each other. My daughter likes to say, "They're not sisters any more." And they hiss at Alice and Daisy. Az hisses at no one, but she fights Daisy. Niobe fights Az. No one touches Alice.
Triangle man, triangle man
Triangle man hates particle man
They have a fight, triangle wins
Triangle man

My weekend, by all accords, rox0red! It was everything I hoped it would be, and some. I also got 12 hours of sleep. Hooray me.
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