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By Grapthar's Hammer...what a savings.

bash# chown -R us:us base

I wondered how they could even think of releasing a sequel to Starcraft, one of the most perfect games ever. I was insulted that they'd even try. That is, until I saw this:

Click to see map in motion...

I want.


We had a house picked out prior to moving to Texas. It was grand, all was good. It makes moving easier when you already have something in mind. We saw the house, it was beautiful. But...just in case, just for giggles, we chose to continue to look. Deciding instead on something large and pretentious, we scoured the local area. Nothing quite suited us (or was out of our price range) until we found the house. Granted, at 2100 sq/ft, it was quite a bit smaller than we wanted, but I can't imagine finding a more perfectly laid-out home for our needs.

The Master Bath is much smaller than I was anticipating, and I had to give up one of my core requirements: Private throne. I just love the ones which are behind their own door. But this is a custom home, built with $20k worth of options, which they're taking off the price of the house (as it is a buyer's market and they want to move pre-existing inventory) plus $10k cash at signing. What a deal.

My last custom home was on half an acre. This one is not. In fact, this one has the potential to be everything I hate: A long & narrow houseplan on a zero lot-line. This house differs from the crowd by being more of a custom home, and using non-contractor grade amenities. Those who have purchased homes before know exactly what I'm talking about. The floor plan is broken up into four discrete areas, allowing it to be both very open, and yet separating key components of the house per my expectations. There's a door we're having put in to completely cut off the family room & children's rooms from the rest of the house. In addition, we're turning what they call the "Children's Retreat" into the den - a major plus we took advantage of at our house in Boyd. This affords us our formal living area. Most homes we looked at had the option of turning the formal dining room into an office, or I had to buy a 4-bedroom home and use the 4th bedroom as such. This one provides both an office and a formal dining area.

So it costs more than other houses in its size, and its smaller than what we wanted. It's also in a very quiet, very beautiful part of Anna, and under 10-minutes to work. That's less driving time than when I was in STL! I present to you, what is currently our first choice as a new home:

The rest of the house pics have been uploaded to my Gallery server here.
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