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Happy Father's Day!

What a wonderful weekend!

Friday on the way to work I picked up an Anna hat. drax0r had purchased one previously, and I was envious. While dining at The Jalapeno Tree with my wife later that evening, I stood to go, and put on my hat. The gentleman with his family adjacent us asks me, "Is that an Anna hat?" Turns out he was the Athletic Director for the ISD. I've met more influential people in Anna this month than my entire 18 months in STL. Crazy.

From there we hit Home Depot where we picked our colors for the new house. I chose two colors, the darker as the base, the lighter as the trim. It has a very...unique ceiling insofar as they try to continue the bay window motif into the office.

We ended up at the Allen Outlet Mall just down the street from the first Wild Damn Texan office where we dropped off my wife's Mother's Ring to be resized (just call galinda822 anytime you need to know anything about me, my wife tells me) and I found a pair of shoes I've been looking for for about a month now. It's hard to find Merrell shoes, and there was a shop which opened up just a couple of months ago who carry the regions largest selection.

That evening, my wife's car experienced a catastrophic failure, so drax0r called his sister's husband who used to be lead mechanic for Saturn of Plano, and greased the skids prior to our arrival the next morning. Thanks!

Saturday morning we dropped off the car, stopped at Party City I grilled burgers for my wife and I, my folks, drax0r and jesskd26 and his parents & sister and her husband. Then we had Little Girl's birthday party! Afterward, my folks took both the kids and the wife and I headed to Stonebriar Mall in Frisco, where we found IKEA. As soon as we stepped through the threshold, my wife knew she was ill-equipped to face the enormity of the place single-handedly. "I need Carla." She stated. This misadventure provided me opportunity to chat up Carla while I followed my wife around the store.

We had two shots of espresso over gelato at Paciugo followed by a trip to Half Price Books and dinner at Cafe Brazil.

Arriving home, we walked straight into a game of Catchphrase which we enjoyed until approximately 0300.

Today, I picked up the following:

  • Nick Glennie-Smith - The Man in the Iron Mask score.

  • Richard Gibbs - Queen of the Damned score

  • N3: Ninety-Nine Nights score

  • Byeong Woo Lee - The Host score

  • The Electronic Tribute to Pink Floyd

It was a fun and eventful weekend; one of those which come around only every so often.

Here's the shirt they got me for Father's Day:

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