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Sure I bought the CD because the winged chick has big boobs. Who says sex doesn't sell? Either way, its a fantastic album! I was walking around Fry's looking for something EXACTLY like this to listen to. Granted I bought it blind, but I sometimes do that, and in this case, I'm glad I did. I require more CD cover art with large-breasted women on them. Call me shallow. I've listened to the album at least half a dozen times today.

Finished up my mindterm installation. I shelved it for a couple of weeks, but something recently has come up where I need it. I've been waiting for this a long time, and if it I'm hoping it uses http protocol via ssh on the server side only and doesn't try to port local ssh out via http. We'll see. I test it tomorrow. For those of you have accounts, you can find it on Just follow the Mindterm link. I'm unsure I'll be able to quickly re-create my work once I stand up my new Solaris 10 box - the certification of public keys was a real bitch.

I suppose now, with that under my belt, I ought to try and fix ampache. I still can't get it to catalog my NFS mounted songs from my OSX box.

I'm up much too late. I even outlasted drax0r My wife is up watching Buffy on DVD and I don't have a car tomorrow. Her's is still in the shop (we're up to $500 so far) and she needs mine to go pick up the kids tomorrow. I'll be carpooling with drax0r - whenever that may be. He's not what you'd call an, "Early riser."
Tags: album art, ampache, mindterm, music
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