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"Have a Good Day."

Wash and I were walking around a swimming pool at a compound, mingling with a race of people who wanted to do business with us. We were being friendly and engaging, as were they, but our guard was up just in case. We didn't want to take them at their word that they had favorable intentions. Wash asked that I bring the cart from the 'the mule' which, in this case, was a four-seat flying thing that looked like a cross between a 1/3 scale rotor-less Apache helicopter with no doors, and the drop ship from Aliens. There was a sliding switch in the middle of cockpit I kept pushing the wrong direction - Sliding it up would lower a screen allowing access to the cockpit controls and gages while simultaneously unfolding the seats for use and automatically moving them forward. Sliding it down would do the opposite. Even though it was a short time from start to finish, I felt that if I didn't start remembering which was which, these seconds could become precious if we needed to depart in a hurry. I slid the switch and the seats folded up and back out of the way as the cockpit dials were covered and locked down. This gave me access to a floor panel from which I extracted a small rolling cart. As I rolled the cart toward Wash, two liquid-filled black square plastic bags beamed onto the top surface of the cart. That was a signal. I caught Wash's eye as I walked toward him, slowing pushing the cart, and he understood. He was talking to one of them. We had to get out.

Mal and Zoë were in their spacesuits clinging to a beacon in orbit. They had been trying to ascertain if the race we were in negotiations with were friend or foe. They found what they were looking for - a log of communications detailing their desire to trap us. As a precaution to this eventuality, Zoë brought some liquid explosives and began using transporter technology to beam them to the cart. Our orders were to destroy the compound and get out. Two more of the devices had arrived on the cart by the time I reached Wash. We disengaged from our hosts and each took two. The majority of the people were directly around the pool, so I dropped one bag in each end - as soon as I had done it, I knew I'd blown it. Water disabled these explosive devices! Wash was coming toward me - he motioned for me to get the mule running. I slid the switch up (I remembered this time) just as Mal & Zoë arrived. The four of us mounted the mule and with Wash at the helm, we rose into the air. Mal told us to not worry about setting off the remaining explosives as he just wanted to get us clear. The general population was gathering around now watching us escape. The problem was, we were in a pagoda-type building with short, squat levels and rough-hewn wood-trimmed narrow windows. Hovering at the ceiling, Mal suggested Wash try to break through. We punctured the first level and rose several stories, poking through the ceiling where required. Finally, at the uppermost level, we couldn't get through. We parked the mule on a catwalk surrounding the top level and made our escape through a door.

The four of us walked out on the ground level of a garden of sorts. The sun was shining brightly and we were greeted by a nearly androgynous groundskeeper dressed as an Army Drill Instructor with the rank of Master Sergeant on her sleeve. An identical groundskeeper was cleaning the gravel path. "Did you enjoy your tour?" She asked us, hands on hips. We turned back and the pagoda was a scale-model representing the very series episode we had just relived. It was very unsettling. Stranger still, was the pungent smell of dogshit. I looked down and the gravel paths wound through well-manicured fields of glistening marbled dogshit where the grass should be. We were overcome with disorientation and the overwhelming smell so we headed down the path for the exit. As we approached the gate to the gardens, a third clone of the groundskeeper was on a riding lawnmower atop the dogshit, and in a disturbing voice stated, "Have a good day."

I had that dream early last week, and the moment I awoke I knew it would be a difficult task to write down what had occurred in a linear representation, and thought I would have lost the story by the end of the day. When that didn't occur, I continued to think about the dream, to make sure I could correctly recall the series of events and made sure I wasn't leaving any major player or event out. So while I'm quite certain I've missed something, this was what I recalled to the best of my ability. I went through this exercise again last night, and this morning took the following notes:

It has come to my attention that some readers of this blog are not familiar with the series Firefly or the follow-up motion picture Serenity. The people mentioned in this dream are from that show. Malcolm "Mal" Reynolds is the Captain of the Firefly-class freighter, Serenity. Hoban "Wash" Washburne is the pilot of Serenity with a penchant for Hawaiian shirts and dinosaurs. Zoë is Wash's wife and the Captain's First Mate.
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