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Glenmorangie Is My Friend

I want to build my Netra t1125 as a Solaris 10 box running containers. Unfortunately, I don't know a whole hell of a lot about Solaris 10, and the deeper I dig, the more I find changed. Fortunately, I get paid to do this, and the last couple of weeks my task has been to migrate a couple of boxes I built seven years ago onto a Solaris 10 container. Nice. Getting paid to figure all this out before I apply it to my own server.

Unfortunately, during this process I've decided to also upgrade Apache, MySQL, PHP and some of the applications we've been running and let me tell you - it hurts. I wish I ran x86 archetecture. Everything just seems Solaris is so very cantankerous. Despite my deep-seeded belief that nothing runs better on SPARC than Solaris, I've decided to try ubuntu server for SPARC on my U30 deskop. Just for giggles, you see. Simultaneously, I'm going to install the x86 version on my sandbox. We're going to see what's what once and for all.

In the meantime I have a deadline of Monday to have at least one box migrated. I've been spending too much time trying to get the SAMP components playing together. Along these same lines - drax0r turned me on to Drupal a configurable drop-in open source PHP web site. This requires a second-look.

I want to do all of this now.

Unfortunately, I disabled my Netra t1125 to the point I can no longer access it. This makes me sad. To compensate, I almost brought home another RAVE to play with. Of course if I really get desperate, I could build out my HP9000/712. Unfortunately, I don't have an external case for my SCSI CDROM - a necessity on that particcular box.

I want to do something.

Everything's moving much too slowly for me rght now.

And that lady who's selling our house? Haven't heard from her. At all. The kid across the street told galinda822 its showing like crazy. If that's the case, where are my offers?

And as I am not going to work (in fact, not doing ANYTHING) tomorrow, I decided some Glenmorangie was in order. Yes, I've already started.

This weekend, however, will be quite busy. A high-school friend (the one and the same I joined the USAF with) is now stationed in San Antonio and will be in the area starting tomorrow throgh Sunday. We'll likely meet up after work Friday in Boyd, stay the evening with my folks, then my family and I are spending Saturday and Saturday night with celtmanx and his family. Speaking of family, drax0r's grandmother, cousin, cousin's husband and their 18-month old departed, just in time for jesskd26's sister, borther-in-law, and their 18-month old to arrive. What a busy place! Everybody wants to see baby Chole!

Of course sometimes solutions to unix prroblems come to me in my sleep. So maybe I'll just go to bed.
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