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Botswanan Minister of Treasury

I awoke this morning and sat in front of the computer blurry-eyed drinking my first cup of coffee like I do every morning, still in my robe. The rest of the house (save for my wife) remained in a deep slumber. Nearly 9-hours of sleep on a day off. Bliss. The first email in my inbox told me there had been multiple attempts to login to my bank account so they've disabled it pending re-verification. Yesterday, within minutes of transferring money between accounts I got the email alerting me to the change. They're good about security.

Yeah, I filled out the form.

Yeah, I submitted it.

I am an IT Professional. I know better. I'm smarter than this.

As soon as I saw that it was transmitting to a URL other than my bank, I hit the browser's stop button and sighed a heavy sigh. I suck. So...I'm expecting a new ATM card within 5-7 days and I used the opportunity to update my address. I feel like I should do some sort of penance for my indiscretion. I am not worthy of the title which has been bestowed upon me.

I don't usually like Philip Glass. He's dull. I don't like his original compositions, and I don't like his scores. Oddly enough, I have plenty of both. I don't know why. Maybe I keep expecting him to improve? Either way, I found something I do enjoy, and no one is more surprised than I. The Illusionist. Wow. I've steered cleared of this album for a long time because I dislike Philip Glass. Yet here we are.

First Zimmer, and now Glass. Maybe I really am getting old.


Happy Fourth of July.

Watched Disc One of Firefly today and picked up two CD's of which I have thus far only had the mp3's to:


I hate mp3's.
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