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Driving in this morning, drax0r thought it would be best to physically remove the ethernet connection from the box we were swinging from to the new box, as this is our monitoring server and we required it to be as current as possible. This was by far the easiest way - especially since our DNS guys were out. Arriving at work, we scaled the hastily erected ladders, re-ran the cable, and attached it to the new box. Network multi-pathing would keep the other box up until the cutover. I updated the files on the new box with a recently created tarball, and started the daemon. I plumbed an interface on the global-zone and rebooted the container - everything came up.

Then the new server sent out upwards of 1300 emails to at least a dozen people.


I wanted to keep the old server on just in case I missed something. But they felt the new server should be on UPS power and turned off the old server before we left. The next day, I needed it. A config file I didn't pull over was missing. Because I run a near-identical server, I was able to pull a file from and fix the issue.

Friday night my high-school buddy whom I joined the Air Force with was in town for a visit. We brought our family's together at my folks, who provided a fabulous meal, and sat around the table afterward playing Catch Phrase. A nice time was had by all.

Saturday & Sunday we spent with celtmanx and his wife and kids. To prepare for my arrival, he purchased a 12-pack of Pilsner Urquell, then drank half of them. We had a nice lunch at Rio Mambo's then they treated the kids to Jumping Party, a giant indoor bounce park. The kids ran and screamed and played for hours. I let my son & daughter practice their "Power Ranger" moves on me while I deftly body-slammed them into the air-filled mat. They had a blast. celtmanx and I watched a couple of episodes of Firefly leaving me only the last disc of the box set until I've finished it again, and we stayed up visiting until nearly 0200. Its a long drive from Anna, but I can't wait to go again.

Upon my departure, he bestowed upon me the 3-Disc Collectible DVD Gift Set of Hellboy:

We stopped at Best Buy on the way out where I purchased a potentially dreadful series called, Starhunter. We'll see.

On the way back home I heard my son ask my daughter, "Do you remember galinda822?
"Yes." She replied, "But I only remember her in my mind.'
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