ehowton (ehowton) wrote,

The Last Kiss

Remember all the good times
When you are feeling sad
Though brief our time together was
Concentrate on what we had

Remember what I stood for
Appreciate my joy
I was there when you most needed me
Never to destroy

I've lived a lifetime of happiness
Everywhere I've been
A lifetime of love, of marriage
A lifetime free of sin

I've watched my children grow
And relished in their youth
I was once like them you know
And tried to keep that truth

In all I've done and all I've seen
My countenance never wavered
Wane not my strength, nor my drive
Life itself I've savored

For all you fools who heed me not
Your hollow souls exposed
No one really likes you
Bile juxtaposed

Shed not a tear for me
My journey continues on
Though I will miss you one and all
Until you've forgotten me...
    Ne'er will I be gone!
Tags: poem
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