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According to Plan

11-hour work day today that's been scheduled for a month. Moving three Sun V890's across town. Problem is, I slept something like 10-hours Thursday night, and couldn't fall asleep last night at all! I think I finally dozed off just prior to two, getting only a couple hours in before my insanely early 0530 wake time (this from someone who's been rolling in around 1100 all week). I required an infusion of coffee this morning - half a pot's worth already in two full Paciugo mugs. Now I'm spazzing like bobcats on booze (as drax0r is wont to quote). I apologize for the interruption, but didn't feel this banal information required its own post. You may go back to your regularly scheduled programming. That is all.

Azrael, the Angel of Death who transcends Islam, Jewish and Christian faiths pads around the mess hall, denying access to the others. Her goal singular in its nature. Keenly evil, she ferociously attacks anyone who dares attempt her self-proclaimed domain.

Niobe Lock, Captain of the hovercraft Logos had previously departed...four days she was gone. Wandering the wilderness like Moses. When she came back, she was injured, and because of it, different. Changed. Spending her days in the confines of her abode, licking her wounds. Once, nearly strong enough to fight again, she ventured out - but was attacked by Azreal who reopened more than just her physical wounds. Niobe has become sallow, and withdrawn.

Online reports have confirmed that a pit bull of unknown origins has been captured, and released again. Trinity, first officer of the Nebuchadnezzar, has gone missing, last seen in the company of the feral Killer - who was mauled to death several days ago. I grieve the loss if this is the case, but Niobe has proven hearty after a four-day absence, so I'm not ready to close the blast doors on her just yet. Still, lacking a fourth paw, she clearly has the disadvantage.

Tweaked the migrated box (and by tweaked, I mean fixed broke stuff others found), patched my Ultra 30, installed XFCE on it. On the home front, I broke down and installed ubuntu-server on an old 1.6GHz 768MB RAM x86 box I had laying around. Its fascinating how little I know of linux. How do you mirror drives, for example? In Solaris I can do it in my sleep. Another wondrous operating system I'll have to learn how to admin. But the "Stack-O-Computers" is really getting out of hand. I'm surprised my wife hasn't said anything...yet:

I built it because my new Solaris 10 box is not ready yet, and I've had projects I've wanted to play with. I'm currently working on tying together all my various pages using the Content Management System drupal, replete with SMF forum. I want to integrate my livejournal & Gallery as well. time consuming to be sure, but ultimately a learning experience. Unfortunately, I don't know CSS, so after frustratingly being unable to effectively modify my code, I've sent it on to resident CSS expert danzigfried for his purview. For those of you who may have noticed, this is why and some of the images linked to it are offline. I apologize for the inconvenience.

A long-lost Air Force buddy found my blog on Google and contacted me - I've restarted the thread on which he was first, albeit unknowingly introduced. I eagerly await photogoot's reply. What would REALLY rock is if this guy joined us on lj...

drax0r and I were up late last night working on database restores - this afforded us time off work yesterday during the day, and of course, some time this morning. All went swimmingly. Chipotle for lunch - it was fantastic. Also, we accepted an offer on our house in STL. Not only was it an unexpectedly generous offer, they've already secured funds and if all goes smoothly we'll be closing on the 9th. Now that's how its supposed to work!
Tags: linux, unix, usaf
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