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Daisy's doing much better - she's resting at home after surgery and slowly getting her strength back. Niobe has sufficiently convalesced and becomes restless being segregated from the rest of the feline population after a week or so of quarantine. Thank you all for your comments on my last post.

The children have been with my mother since Tuesday and I had my first Technology Advisory Commission meeting last night. I'm off Friday so I'm taking the wife out to see Harry Potter, then possibly, just for giggles, trying to see if I can procure a copy of the new book Friday night at midnight.

Saturday MADDOG may or may not come over. Regardless, I'll be working on some new web projects and I've been giving serious consideration to moving from Solaris to linux. Either way, I've decided not to keep the Netra t1125 and instead installing Solaris 10 on my RAVE box (possibly upgrading the optical drive to a DVD-ROM and doubling the RAM in it. I'm thinking of building out a RAVE on my desk at work with Solaris 10 as a test run. XFCE which I installed on my U30, completely buries the box - so I'm hoping that not having a window manager (which I don't use on my servers) will allow it to run as quickly as I expect it to. But the 1.6GHz/768MB x86 box I threw ubuntu-server on is in the running. I'm thinking of adding a 250GB SATA drive (as the root drives are mirrored 30GB) which will sway the decision as to which box gets colo'd. I'll still be running Solaris at home.

I've put 500 miles on the Tiburon. Edmunds gave it a lackluster review, citing things which I actually appreciate - the fact that it accelerates & rides smooth, but can't outperform or out-corner the high-revving four-cylinder cars in which it competes against. I'm actually thrilled about this, as I'm not a teenager anymore. It's the most non 'sport' sport-coupe out there apparently.

Talked to galinda today - my wife was going to call her yesterday, but her mother evaporated her energy after an overly lengthy phone conversation; haven't heard from photogoot since Saturday (nigh a week now) and will be spending Sunday at my folks, retrieving children and enjoying the weekend day with them.

This week, I've been a lot like SERIOUS CAT.
He's Fucking Serious.
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