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Harry Potter the Musical!


Watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Friday. Bought the book at midnight and have been reading it, slowly. Three books ago, I read the entire thing in a day, and then became pissed off and morose since I didn't have any new Harry Potter to read, so I read it again. Two books ago, I read every chapter twice - to force myself to take my time. That lasted about a quarter of the book. I finished the last three-quarters in a day reading it straight through. Last book - well, I was moving (again) so it was pretty much split-up and took me a week. This time, however, I want to blow through it, but life, it seems, has gotten in the way. I'm lucky to read 4-chapters, every other day. To assist me with this, however, I've burned every album onto a single mp3 disc which I listen to in the car, followed by all the albums back-to-back which I listen to on my iPod at work. I'm finding some real gems in there!

In other news, I've recently acquired another Rave System and am pimping it out with half a gig more RAM & a DVD-ROM drive to put Solaris 10 on it, I'm upgrading the 300Mhz/1280MB U30 at work with a U10 I'm filling with Rave System parts (a 440Mhz chip, two 60GB drives, a DVD-ROM & 2GB of RAM and possibly more importantly, a Raptor framebuffer to get the graphics off the CPU), and am thinking of restarting the Ampache project on the ubuntu-server box to see if I can glean anything at all from it. 13-hours at work today which is fine since my wife and kids went to Wichita to spend some time with her mother prior to school starting. I'm knee-deep in work, but work is such a joy! I can hardly contain myself.
Tags: ampache, ipod, solaris, ton-o-comments
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