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Fun in the Sun
Solaris 9's implementation of GNU Apache spreads the binaries, configs, and logs across the directories Solaris uses as defaults for it's binaries, configs and logs (i.e. /etc/apache, /usr/apache, /var/apache). When compiled binaries are placed in these directories, they override the defaults unless something goes wrong. Apparently, during the patching of v100r2 during the 'ginode' problem, Solaris reverted back to it's original file structure without overriding any of the new files. No amount of 'configure runtime linking environment' or ldd was affording me the opportunity to realign the libraries, so a fresh new install of Apache2 has been installed under /opt/csw/bin for integration with the old site.
Seeing this instead of the website you expected?

Do what?
Examine your config.php file and learn the basics of its structure. You will find multiple complete single configurations that each start with ?php and end with ?, with some additional content above, below and between these sections.
Copy each configuration in the combined file into separate single files. Each new file should have ?php as the very first line and ? as the very last line with no extra spaces or blank lines at the top or bottom, and there should be only one of each of these tags. Place each new single config.php in the multisite directory for that site. The case 'domain/path': line just above each configuration in the combined file will help you determine which config.php goes in which multisite directory. Note that this "case" line does not go in the new config.php file. The last configuration in the combined file has default: just above it instead of "case". Rename the combined file to something else and put this last configuration in place as the config.php in this directory.
Now access the primary site and run through the upgrader. Make sure everything is working correctly with this site.
This is why some of my links no longer work in LiveJournal...

There was an old poof from Khartoum
Who brought a lesbian up to his room,
They sat on the bed
Looked at each other and said
"Who does what, with what, to whom?"

--Thanks Phil!
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