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Captain's Log

Picked up Captain's Log: Fan's Collective Sunday at Best Buy. I found the entire 5-set 'Collectives' for $125 at Fry's Electronics last week, but my wife would shoot me in the eye if I bought that prior to closing on the house. This includes interviews with each of the Captains explaining how they chose their favorite episode to include on this set. So far, the lengthiest was William Shatner, and the most egotistical, in a surprise move, was Patrick Stewart (he chose his directorial debut). I haven't made it far enough through to see the others at this point. Its a nice distraction when I get home since my wife and children are gone. As I have no plans to purchase any of the seasons of any of the Star Trek franchise save Voyager (once their price is cut in at least half) I think I'll start picking the other collections up - though much to my chagrin, I've noticed quite a bit of redundancy on them.

Last night I was in the mood for beer. Good beer. I think its been all of princessleia2's posts here recently on the subject. I arrive at Fossil Creek Liquors as they have the broadest selection (too broad, really, for the demographic here - their Single Malt Whisky selection is unprecedented) and low and behold, the first thing I spy is a six pack of Kronenbourg 1664. I prefer my pilsner, but every once in awhile, I want a lager that will blow me away - and this is it. $9 a six-pack. Whoa. And not even litre bottles! I pick that up for last night, and for tonight, I chose a pint-bottle of the only krystal weizen I've ever seen stateside, Weihenstephaner from the oldest brewery on the planet (Est. 1040). Its a little heavier than my all-time favorite krystal weissbier, Binding Brauerei's Schofferhofer. Binding being a Frankfort-based brewery (close to Wiesbaden, where I was stationed in Germany) we enjoyed plenty of it.

Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra.

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