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300 was horrible, beautiful, and glorious. Reminiscent of Gladiator in its imagery, I became enraptured in it cinematography and subdued by its story. Its a story I'm familiar with - personal sacrifice for the greater good. When I became married I put our needs above hers, and her needs above mine. When I had children, I put the needs of the family above ours, and worked my way down once again.

I don't need much these days, as ensuring my family is happy and provided for is all the satisfaction I require. Maturing is funny that way.

For the last several years, I've gone back and forth wondering whether its better to bend to the will of your oppressors and be around to teach and raise your children, or to die fighting for what you believe in, in hopes that someday they'll understand. This movie was simply a reinforcement for that idealism.

What a sad, wonderful movie.

I left Texas at 1215 Friday. 342 miles, 5.25 hours. I was reunited with them, my family. I read Goosebumps to my son. His first non-picture book. He picked it out himself. I hadn't read to him for two weeks - since he's been gone; He remembered ever character, the story so far, and where we'd left off.

My wife wanted Saturday to spend alone with her mother. I phoned danzigfried and met him and his two children at the park. Once it got too hot, we retired to Burger King for lunch, and playland for the children. They played together six hours. And it was good catching up with danzig.

I stopped at Best Buy for the 2-for-$20 Hot Fuzz and Shaun of Dead special galinda822 notified of. They were out. I stopped again once I reached Texas - they were out. As sad as that is, a gift from danzig, the first season of Hyperdrive will give me my fill of Nick Frost for the time being.

Laundry accomplished, a little Maker's Mark & Coke, and now I'm ready to retire, for the express purpose of doing it all again, tomorrow.

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