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Heart of Darkness

Breaking Point

Posted on 2007.08.12 at 08:24


(Anonymous) at 2007-08-15 14:19 (UTC) (Link)

Need a tissue?

Perhaps a little better planning on your part and you wouldn't have been in this situation.
ehowton at 2007-08-15 14:59 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Need a tissue?


This is my fourth home purchase. Its nigh impossible to not miss something along the way.

In my case, it was the pay-periods this time.
(Anonymous) at 2007-08-15 16:32 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Need a tissue?

Perhaps a little less self-indulgence in things such as that fancy new car could have helped your situation. Self discipline is something very much lacking in our nation.
ehowton at 2007-08-15 18:04 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Need a tissue?

I'm unsure I see the correlation. If by 'fancy' you mean the least expensive V6 coupe on the market, I'm flattered. Perhaps you didn't read the post on the events surrounding the necessity of a new vehicle? Either way, I could very easily get myself out of this situation by not putting a full 20% down on the house, or paying down my points in cash. Self-indulgence to me would indicated not doing any of those things. We each have our own measuring stick of acceptability. Purchasing a house is stressful business, perhaps you've never done so, I don't know - but the breaking point for me came in my wife's misunderstanding of the situation in applying additional demands upon me, of which I could not guarantee. Since the money down on a timeline is the issue here, I can state as a fact that the purchase of the new car actually saved me money in the short term, negating the expenditure of funds to repair the old one. Funny how things sometimes work out.
ehowton at 2007-12-13 03:07 (UTC) (Link)

Re: Need a tissue?

And while I'm thinking of it, go fuck yourself.
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