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Thursday night, I only slept 4 hours. Friday night, I slept 11. Saturday night, I only slept 4 hours. Last night, I slept 13. THIRTEEN HOURS! Oh blissful sleep! Tonight, however, is looking like another downward slide on the sine...Of course Saturday's meager offerings were due to my 0400 start time for a project at work. Migrating data from an EMC CX400 to an EMC CX700. The SAN guy is leaving, and in a panic, my boss has chosen me to learn his job. Granted, most of this was unix (creating a new Veritas Cluster conf file to point at the new vxfs file systems we'd carved out on the new SAN the Friday before) but she wanted me to be familiar with the SAN environment. The project took 10-hours. And that poor guy...holding my hand the entire time. How very tiring.

My wife called me from Wichita, "Guess what I found in the trunk of your car? A letter from your ex-girlfriend. What's all that about?" (This, despite the fact that we've been married nearly 10-years.) She proceeds to read it to me:

Eric, I tried to find some I thought you'd like and didn't have.

"That letter is four years old." I said, "It when I borrowed some CD's from her. I had her bring them to my dad, who brought them to me, I made some copies and gave them back to Dad, who gave them to her."

"You haven't had this car that long. I'll ask your dad about that."

"It likely got dumped from the Lumina when I traded it in." I said.

"Why do you still have it? Why do you keep EVERYTHING?" She retorted.

"I think it was the only scrap of paper I had in the car to write notes on. Are there phone numbers and stuff on the back?"

"Yes, a lot of phone numbers."

"There, now you have it."

"I'm still going to ask your father." She reminds me.

"Nora! Nora Jones! She included some Nora Jones - thought I might like her, I didn't, but I made a copy for you - that's why you have those Nora Jones CD's!"

"Oh, that's right, I remember that. Ok! Have a good day!" And she hung up.

For those of you who've noticed that has been offline, I've recently restarted my Netra project. MADDOG came over to troubleshoot the box. Apparently, the TOD (NVRAM) chip needed to be replaced. Thankfully, I had a spare U30 sitting in the garage, which had an identical chip. It was swapped, and I'm now up and running. So far I've put a 'Core' install of Solaris 10 on it and have mounted up the install DVD to individually add packages as needed. I intend to keep a very light kernel this way. I'll be working on this project slowly, a little at a time, and occasionally stealing my network drop from intrepid to quark and back as I gather files, etc from both boxes. Ergo, depending on which box is active when you pull up the page you could see either version of the web page. quark has all of the Solaris-specific setting I need, while intrepid contains the newest versions of data. Please bear with me.

Was driving down Foster's Crossing, the tree-canopied road the subdivision our new house will be in when I came across a road sign which read, "WATCH CHILDREN." I turned around and there they were, in the back seat, blinking back at me.

photogoot, checking his stats.

Rec'd my copy of The Wind and the Lion today. Fantastic! Special thanks to swashbuckler332 for posting this rousing score in a video clip in filmscore announcing its release!

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